The Cast of "Will & Grace"

Guest Cast – Season 8

Shelley Morrison as Rosario Salazar
Rosario Salazar
Shelley Morrison

Rosario is Karen's feisty Salvadoran maid. She married Jack to get her green card; the two lived in the help's quarters of Karen and Stan's penthouse until Rosario divorced Jack to be with Gardener.

Episodes [61]: 01.22, 02.01, 02.02, 02.05, 02.12, 02.17, 02.18, 02.23, 03.01, 03.02, 03.03, 03.08, 03.11, 03.15, 03.22, 04.01, 04.04, 04.07, 04.08, 04.09, 04.13, 04.16, 04.25, 05.02, 05.06, 05.08, 05.09, 05.10, 05.16, 05.18, 05.22, 05.23, 05.24, 06.01, 06.14, 06.15, 06.16, 06.17, 06.22, 06.23, 07.04, 07.05, 07.11, 07.13, 07.14, 07.16, 07.17, 07.19, 07.22, 07.23, 08.01, 08.02, 08.05, 08.06, 08.10, 08.11, 08.12, 08.15, 08.18, 08.22, 08.23

Shelley Morrison became a regular cast member in Season 3.

Harry Connick Jr. as Dr. Leo Markus
Dr. Leo Markus
Harry Connick Jr.

Dr. Marvin "Leo" Markus, a sexy Jewish doctor, falls for Grace — ruining her and Will's plans to have a baby. After a two-month romance, Leo and Grace impulsively wed. Leo and Grace lived in Leo's apartment in Brooklyn.

Episodes [22]: 05.01, 05.02, 05.03, 05.05, 05.07, 05.08, 05.09, 05.11, 05.14, 05.20, 05.23, 05.24, 06.01, 06.02, 06.03, 06.05, 06.23, 07.01, 07.08*, 08.06, 08.16, 08.23

* #07.08: voice only

Bobby Cannavale as Vince D'Angelo
Vince D'Angelo
Bobby Cannavale

Will meets Vince by coincidence when Vince stops Will and Karen for speeding. Vince is friends with Joe and Larry, and they have been trying to set up Will and Vince for years. Will and Vince soon began dating.

Episodes [14]: 06.18, 06.19, 06.20, 07.02, 07.05, 07.07, 07.10, 07.12, 07.13, 08.13, 08.20, 08.21, 08.22, 08.23

Leslie Jordan as Beverley Leslie
Beverley Leslie
Leslie Jordan

After trying to steal Rosario and then showing up at the Walker's annual Valentine's weekend to taunt Karen for being alone, Karen's arch-rival showed up at the HRC gala with "business associate" Benji and tried to outbid her in the silent auction. He was in Vegas for Karen's wedding and confessed to Will that Karen Walker was "the one who got away." His rich wife Crystal finally passed in 2005.

Episodes [11]: 03.14, 04.15, 05.17, 06.03, 06.23, 07.15, 07.22, 08.07, 08.11, 08.17, 08.23

Kevin Bacon as Kevin Bacon
Kevin Bacon
Kevin Bacon

Actor Kevin Bacon hires Jack as his personal assistant and immediately assigns him to find out who's been stalking him.

Episodes [2]: 05.02, 08.23

Maria Thayer as Lila
Maria Thayer

Lila Markus is the daughter of Grace and Leo.

Episodes [1]: 08.23

Jesse Fremont Allis as Warren
Jesse Fremont Allis

In Grace's dream, Warren is the son of Grace and Leo, raised by Grace with Will.

Episodes [1]: 08.23

Ben Newmark as Ben
Ben Newmark

Ben is the son of Will and Vince.

Episodes [1]: 08.23

Charles C. Stevenson Jr as Smitty
Charles C. Stevenson Jr

Smitty is a bartender at Karen's favorite bar. His stories of woe always put a smile on her face.

Episodes [5]: 04.25, 05.19, 07.18, 08.02, 08.22

Bernadette Peters as Virginia Delaney
Virginia Delaney
Bernadette Peters

Karen has been supporting her sister Gin since the childhood "accident" that left one of her legs 3/8" shorter than the other.

Episodes [1]: 08.22

Josh Lucas as Josh Lucas
Josh Lucas
Josh Lucas

Actor Josh Lucas auditioned for the part of Chuck Rafferty on "The Badge," but lost it to Jack.

Episodes [1]: 08.22

Laura Kightlinger as Nurse Sheila
Nurse Sheila
Laura Kightlinger

Sheila used to work at the sperm bank, collecting specimens. She now works for Dr. Hershberg.

Episodes [6]: 02.11, 04.25, 05.01, 06.07, 06.22, 08.21

Leigh-Allyn Baker as Ellen
Leigh-Allyn Baker

Ellen is Grace's friend and was also her college roommate. She often comes over for dinner and games with her husband, Rob. Rob and Ellen haven't been seen much since they got married and moved to New Jersey. Ellen had a baby boy in 2002, and by 2005 had three children.

Episodes [19]: 01.01, 01.10, 01.18, 01.21, 02.01, 02.03, 02.19, 03.08, 04.16, 04.17, 05.08, 05.09, 05.15, 05.16, 07.18, 08.04, 08.13, 08.15, 08.20

Tim Bagley as Larry
Tim Bagley

Larry and his partner Joe are two former party boy friends of Will and Jack's. They settled down in the South Hamptons and are raising a daughter, Hannah. They were married in 2001 in Vermont. Grace fixed him up with Will's father's mistress.

Episodes [14]: 03.03, 03.10, 03.17, 03.18, 04.12, 05.04, 05.08, 05.09, 05.15, 06.14, 07.05, 08.04, 08.15, 08.20

Tom Gallop as Rob
Tom Gallop

Rob is one of Will's friends who comes over for dinner, and to play poker and other games, like the home version of Pyramid, along with his wife Ellen. (They constantly lose to Will and Grace.) Rob and Ellen have two dogs, Harry and Ronnie, and three kids. Rob is also Will's accountant.

Episodes [16]: 01.01, 01.10, 01.18, 01.21, 02.01, 02.03, 02.19, 03.08, 03.17, 04.16, 04.17, 05.08, 05.09, 05.15, 08.13, 08.20

Blythe Danner as Marilyn Truman
Marilyn Truman
Blythe Danner

Will's mother, married to George Truman. They have three sons: Sam, Paul, and Will (her favorite). George and Marilyn decided to divorce in 2002. After the divorce became final in 2003, she became depressed and moved in with Will. After spraining her ankle, she was forced to stay with Will for a couple more weeks. In 2004, she invited Grace to her house for a tea party and Grace broke her favorite Lladro figurine.

Episodes [11]: 04.09, 04.18, 06.03, 06.04, 06.06, 06.21, 07.11, 07.21, 08.09, 08.19, 08.20

Jerry Levine as Joe
Jerry Levine

Larry and Joe are two former party boy friends of Will and Jack's. They settled down in the South Hamptons and are raising a daughter, Hannah. They were married in 2001 in Vermont.

Episodes [11]: 03.03, 03.10, 03.17, 05.04, 05.08, 05.09, 05.15, 06.14, 07.05, 08.15, 08.20

Lesley Ann Warren as Tina
Lesley Ann Warren

Tina was having an affair with Will's dad, George until 2006. They met at the company Christmas party.

Episodes [4]: 03.15, 04.12, 06.21, 08.20

Kyla Dang as Casey Truman
Casey Truman
Kyla Dang

Casey is Sam Truman's adopted daughter.

Episodes [2]: 08.09, 08.20

Reed Alexander as Jordan Truman
Jordan Truman
Reed Alexander

Jordie is Sam Truman's 9-year old son.

Episodes [2]: 08.09, 08.20

Steven Weber as Sam Truman
Sam Truman
Steven Weber

Sam is Will's oldest brother. His divorce to his wife Ginny recently became final.

Episodes [4]: 01.14, 01.15, 08.09, 08.20

(Sam Truman was played by John Slattery in Season 1.)

Eileen Brennan as Zandra
Eileen Brennan

Zandra Zoggin is Acting Teacher Extraordinario. Jack brings Will to Zandra's "Acting On-Camera" class where Will lets his emotions flow and overcomes his fear of speaking on camera. After 5 years, Zandra finally tells Jack to get out. He defects from her class to start "The McFarland Method."

Episodes [6]: 04.04, 04.19, 05.07, 06.15, 06.16, 08.19

Sydney Pollack as George Truman
George Truman
Sydney Pollack

George is Will, Sam, and Paul's father. Will finds out that George had told all of his friends and co-workers that Will and Grace are married. George has been having a long-term affair with Tina. George and Marilyn decided to divorce in 2002.

Episodes [4]: 02.13, 03.15, 04.18, 08.19

Mathew Botuchis as Dave
Mathew Botuchis

Dave is a secretary at Out TV. The executives (i.e., Jack) tease him because he is straight. Jack's nickname for him is "Elizabeth."

Episodes [8]: 07.03, 07.04, 07.17, 07.22, 07.23, 08.02, 08.13, 08.18

John Ducey as Jamie
John Ducey

Jamie is a producer at Out TV, where he works with Jack to come up with mediocre programming that appeals to a tiny niche market.

Episodes [5]: 07.09, 07.20, 07.22, 07.23, 08.18

Britney Spears as Amber-Louise
Britney Spears

After OutTV is bought out by a conservative right-wing company, they bring on Amber-Louise as Jack's co-host. She is secretly a hard-core lesbian named Peg, but is conforming to get ahead in the business.

Episodes [1]: 08.18

Wanda Sykes as Cricket
Wanda Sykes

Karen hires department store make-up lady Cricket to be her surrogate.

Episodes [1]: 08.18

George Takei as George Takei
George Takei
George Takei

Star Trek star George Takei drops by "JackTalk" for an interview, but is told by Amber-Louise that he can not reveal that he is gay, prompting Jack to quit.

Episodes [1]: 08.18

Brian A. Setzer as Benji
Brian A. Setzer

Benji was Beverley Leslie's longtime "business associate". Beverley replaced "Original Benji" with "New Benji" because he was too old.

Episodes [5]: 05.17, 07.15, 07.22, 08.07, 08.17

Extra Brian A. Setzer was uncredited for the role of Benji until episode #7.22. He didn't speak until #8.07.

Shohreh Aghdashloo as Pam
Shohreh Aghdashloo

When Grace's business gets too much to handle, she hires a second assistant, Pam, who makes Karen look like employee of the month.

Episodes [1]: 08.17

Shawn Christian as Travis
Shawn Christian

Travis was Jack's new cowboy boyfriend — until he hit on Will behind Jack's back.

Episodes [1]: 08.17

Taye Diggs as James Hanson
James Hanson
Taye Diggs

Will meets James when he shows up to the wrong theater. The two seemed to hit it off, but Will left to meet Grace. James later went looking for Will, but missed him. After learning that James is about to be deported to Canada, Grace proposes to him so that he can get a green card. The marriage is annulled the day after their wedding.

Episodes [4]: 08.10, 08.14, 08.15, 08.16

Debbie Reynolds as Bobbi Adler
Bobbi Adler
Debbie Reynolds

Bobbi is Grace's critical, over the top, poker-playing, match-making, show girl mother. Bobbi is married to Martin Adler, and they have three daughters: Janet (the oldest), Grace and Joyce.

Episodes [10]: 01.13, 02.05, 03.08, 04.09, 05.08, 05.09, 06.10, 07.20, 08.08, 08.15

Michael Angarano as Elliot
Michael Angarano

Elliot is Jack's biological son. Elliot's mother Bonnie used Jack's donation from the New York Family Clinic back in 1988. When Elliot was 12, he tracked down Jack. Desperate for Jack's attention, Elliot tried out for his high school cheerleading squad in 2004.

Episodes [11]: 03.22, 04.01, 04.03, 04.08, 04.09, 04.14, 04.20, 04.25, 05.12, 06.21, 08.14

Michael Angarano became a regular cast member in Season 4 (but only appeared in one episode each in Seasons 5, 6, and 8).

Karen Walker as Anastasia Beaverhausen
Anastasia Beaverhausen
Karen Walker

When Karen needs to go incognito, she dons the alias Anastasia Beaverhausen. Anastasia as in Russian royalty, Beaverhausen as in where the beaver lives.

Episodes [7]: 02.10, 02.22, 03.06, 04.21, 04.25, 08.10, 08.13

Robert Michael Morris as Tommy Shields
Tommy Shields
Robert Michael Morris

Tommy saw an episode of "Jack Talk" while on vacation with his parents in New York. After Jack read his fan letter, he travelled to Ohio to help him come out.

Episodes [1]: 08.13

Jamie Kaler as Gary
Jamie Kaler

Gary is an attorney at the Law Offices of Doucette and Stein. He accuses Will of kissing Mr. Stein's ass, while also playing tennis with the partners behind Will's back. His wife's name is Nicole. He competed with Will for a promotion to partner in 2005.

Episodes [5]: 05.06, 05.23, 07.12, 07.13, 08.12

Lily Tomlin as Margot
Lily Tomlin

Margot is the new senior partner at Will's law firm. She invites the three candidates for partner (Will, Gary, Roz) to her house for dinner. She promotes Will to partner; Gary and Roz go home devastated.

Episodes [2]: 07.13, 08.12

Matt Lauer as Matt Lauer
Matt Lauer
Matt Lauer

"Today" show host Matt Lauer was a guest at Karen's annual birthday bash.

Episodes [1]: 08.11

Steven Petrarca as Ralph
Steven Petrarca

Ralph is a concession stand clerk working at the Sound of Music Sing-Along. He flirted with Jack and gave him free snacks.

Episodes [1]: 08.10

Traci Lords as Rose
Traci Lords

Jack and Will met Rose at the Central Park Zoo. She is a lesbian who was fighting for the gay penguins' rights.

Episodes [1]: 08.07

Jim Rash as Brent
Jim Rash

Brent was a flight attendant on Will and Grace's flight to London. Will flirted with Brent to get Grace into first class to see Leo.

Episodes [1]: 08.06

Stephen Spinella as Bret
Stephen Spinella

Bret was a flight attendant on Will and Grace's flight to London. Will flirted with Bret to get a blanket and cookie.

Episodes [1]: 08.06

Millicent Martin as Leni
Millicent Martin

Karen hired Leni as Rosario's replacement.

Episodes [1]: 08.06

Alec Baldwin as Malcolm Widmark
Malcolm Widmark
Alec Baldwin

Malcolm lures Will into working for him. When Will becomes suspicous, Malcolm claims to be a government agent working with an old friend — Stanley Walker.

Episodes [6]: 07.22, 07.23, 08.01, 08.03, 08.04, 08.05

Jason Biggs as Baby Glenn
Baby Glenn
Jason Biggs

"Baby" Glenn is famous for falling into a hole in the '80s. He was finally rescued after three days.

Episodes [1]: 08.05

Richard Chamberlain as Clyde
Richard Chamberlain

Clyde is a lonely old man that Will meets while delivering food to elderly gay men. Fearing that he will end up like Clyde, Will invites him to game night.

Episodes [1]: 08.04

Andy Richter as Dale
Andy Richter

Dale is an acquaintance of Malcolm. He is a piano tuner with a nifty rent-controlled apartment in Staten Island.

Episodes [1]: 08.03