The Cast of "Will & Grace"

Guest Cast – Season 3

Shelley Morrison as Rosario Salazar
Rosario Salazar
Shelley Morrison

Rosario is Karen's feisty Salvadoran maid. She married Jack to get her green card; the two lived in the help's quarters of Karen and Stan's penthouse until Rosario divorced Jack to be with Gardener.

Episodes [15]: 01.22, 02.01, 02.02, 02.05, 02.12, 02.17, 02.18, 02.23, 03.01, 03.02, 03.03, 03.08, 03.11, 03.15, 03.22

Shelley Morrison became a regular cast member in Season 3.

Michael Angarano as Elliot
Michael Angarano

Elliot is Jack's biological son. Elliot's mother Bonnie used Jack's donation from the New York Family Clinic back in 1988. When Elliot was 12, he tracked down Jack. Desperate for Jack's attention, Elliot tried out for his high school cheerleading squad in 2004.

Episodes [1]: 03.22

Michael Angarano became a regular cast member in Season 4 (but only appeared in one episode each in Seasons 5, 6, and 8).

Woody Harrelson as Nathan
Woody Harrelson

Nathan is the lout who lives in 12C. After Nathan and Grace start dating, she tries to keep him a secret because Will doesn't like him. After Nathan moves in with Grace and Will, Will eventually warms up to him.

Episodes [3]: 03.19, 03.21, 03.22

Molly Shannon as Val Bassett
Val Bassett
Molly Shannon

Wacky neighbor Val moved into apartment 15F and befriended Will (which made Grace crazy jealous). She then moved to 12E and befriended Grace (then stole her music box). After seeing Jack's cabaret act Jack 2001, Val stalked him. When Val shows up again and tries to be friendly with Grace, Grace gives her the cold shoulder. To get back at her, Val opens a design business next door and steals Grace's ideas and clients. In 2004, Grace ran into Val at an AA meeting.

Episodes [3]: 01.18, 02.20, 03.21

Branden Williams as Scott Sender
Scott Sender
Branden Williams

Scott Sender was the assistant manager at Gayle and Patty's Video, where Will rents videos. Scott asks Will out, and he relucatantly agrees despite their age difference. (Scott is 23 years old, making him about 12 years younger than Will.)

(Note: Scott was Will's first non-platonic on-screen kiss.)

Episodes [2]: 03.19, 03.21

Alex Kapp Horner as Alice Robinson
Alice Robinson
Alex Kapp Horner

Grace made fun of Alice's lisp behind her back, giving her the nickname that followed her for 20 years: Mrs. Lazy Face.

Episodes [1]: 03.20

Todd Stashwick as Gabe Robinson
Gabe Robinson
Todd Stashwick

Alice Robinson's older brother. Will hits on him at his grandmother's funeral. Gabe is appalled.

Episodes [1]: 03.20

Marshall Manesh as Mr. Zamir
Mr. Zamir
Marshall Manesh

One of the tenants in Will's building, Mr. Zamir likes to take his shirt off in the laundry room and snoop into other people's things. Mr. Zamir loves the movie Xanadu.

Episodes [5]: 02.02, 02.23, 03.12, 03.18, 03.19

Ellen Albertini Dow as Sylvia Walker
Sylvia Walker
Ellen Albertini Dow

Syl is Stanley Walker's mother. Karen dumps "The Goiter" on Will and Jack when they go to the opening of The Atom Bar.

Episodes [1]: 03.19

Tim Bagley as Larry
Tim Bagley

Larry and his partner Joe are two former party boy friends of Will and Jack's. They settled down in the South Hamptons and are raising a daughter, Hannah. They were married in 2001 in Vermont. Grace fixed him up with Will's father's mistress.

Episodes [4]: 03.03, 03.10, 03.17, 03.18

Gigi Rice as Heidi Dauro
Heidi Dauro
Gigi Rice

Heidi is an old friend of Will and Grace. After hearing that Heidi and her gay best friend Charlie no longer keep in touch, Grace panics and buys a piano so that she and Will have something to keep them together.

Episodes [1]: 03.18

Philipp Karner as Rocco
Philipp Karner

After Rocco dumps Jack, he pours his pain into a steamy novel. Karen schemes to keep them apart in order to keep Jack writing.

Episodes [1]: 03.18

Tom Gallop as Rob
Tom Gallop

Rob is one of Will's friends who comes over for dinner, and to play poker and other games, like the home version of Pyramid, along with his wife Ellen. (They constantly lose to Will and Grace.) Rob and Ellen have two dogs, Harry and Ronnie, and three kids. Rob is also Will's accountant.

Episodes [9]: 01.01, 01.10, 01.18, 01.21, 02.01, 02.03, 02.19, 03.08, 03.17

Jerry Levine as Joe
Jerry Levine

Larry and Joe are two former party boy friends of Will and Jack's. They settled down in the South Hamptons and are raising a daughter, Hannah. They were married in 2001 in Vermont.

Episodes [3]: 03.03, 03.10, 03.17

Christine Ebersole as Candace Pruitt
Candace Pruitt
Christine Ebersole

Karen tricks social rival and cosmetic surgery addict Candy Pruitt into getting experimental shoulder implants. Candy has been to Mexico for so many face lifts, if you hit her head with a stick, prizes would fall out.

Episodes [1]: 03.17

Peter Jacobson as Paul Budnik
Paul Budnik
Peter Jacobson

Will went out on a few dates with needy, desparate Paul. Will found it hard to break up with him because his dog was so lovable.

Episodes [1]: 03.16

Paul Satterfield as Sumner Davis
Sumner Davis
Paul Satterfield

Sumner is Stan Walker's nephew. Karen tells Grace a string of lies about Paul to keep them from dating because she finally admits that she feels that Sumner is not good enough for Grace.

Episodes [1]: 03.16

Sydney Pollack as George Truman
George Truman
Sydney Pollack

George is Will, Sam, and Paul's father. Will finds out that George had told all of his friends and co-workers that Will and Grace are married. George has been having a long-term affair with Tina. George and Marilyn decided to divorce in 2002.

Episodes [2]: 02.13, 03.15

Lesley Ann Warren as Tina
Lesley Ann Warren

Tina was having an affair with Will's dad, George until 2006. They met at the company Christmas party.

Episodes [1]: 03.15

Joel McHale as Ian
Joel McHale

Grace went out on three dates with Ian, including to "Seussical the Musical," where she spied Will's dad having an affair. When she complained to Ian about married men having affairs, he suddenly had to leave.

Episodes [1]: 03.15

Leslie Jordan as Beverley Leslie
Beverley Leslie
Leslie Jordan

After trying to steal Rosario and then showing up at the Walker's annual Valentine's weekend to taunt Karen for being alone, Karen's arch-rival showed up at the HRC gala with "business associate" Benji and tried to outbid her in the silent auction. He was in Vegas for Karen's wedding and confessed to Will that Karen Walker was "the one who got away." His rich wife Crystal finally passed in 2005.

Episodes [1]: 03.14

Ellen DeGeneres as Sister Louise
Sister Louise
Ellen DeGeneres

Sister Louise — who runs "What a Friend We Have in Cheesecake" on the side — bought Grace's Uncle Jerry's car for $400.

Episodes [1]: 03.14

Patrick Dempsey as Matthew Moshea
Matthew Moshea
Patrick Dempsey

Will attempted to help Jack get a date with television sportscaster Matthew, but Will ended up with Matt. The relationship doesn't go anywhere, as Matt isn't out to his colleagues and referred to Will as his "brother."

Episodes [3]: 03.06, 03.12, 03.13

Dion Anderson as Harry Zalen
Harry Zalen
Dion Anderson

Harry is Matt's homophobic boss, the station manager.

Episodes [1]: 03.13

Sandra Bernhard as Sandra Bernhard
Sandra Bernhard
Sandra Bernhard

Will and Grace's real estate agent shows them Sandra's apartment, not knowing that they pretended to buy it last year just to meet Sandra. Since Will and Grace f%@*ed her over last year, she hasn't been able to unload her piece of s#!% appartment.

Episodes [1]: 03.11

Shondra Olds-Whitlow as
"Dr. Dangerous"
Shondra Olds-Whitlow

Dr. Dangerous was in an online bidding war with Jack over a Ricky Martin scooter and Britney Spears' platform shoes.

Episodes [1]: 03.11

Cheryl White as Cheryl Bricker-Fossberg
Cheryl Bricker-Fossberg
Cheryl White

Snobby Cheryl has two kids, Taylor and Hayden, who go to school with Karen's stepson Mason. She's appalled that Karen missed a swim meet and then showed up to another with a cup of liqour.

Episodes [1]: 03.11

Pamela Tyson as Joan
Pamela Tyson

Joan was Sandra Bernhard's realtor, who showed her apartment to Will and Grace.

Episodes [1]: 03.11

Lori Alan as Jean
Lori Alan

Jean is Joe's bitter, unmarried sister.

Episodes [1]: 03.10

Ken Marino as Mark
Ken Marino

Grace went out on a couple of dates with Mark, but could not get past the fact that he had 6 toes on his right foot.

Episodes [1]: 03.09

Paul Fitzgerald as Paul
Paul Fitzgerald

Will and Jack met Paul at a party, not realizing that Paul was interested in dating the both of them.

Episodes [1]: 03.09

Leigh-Allyn Baker as Ellen
Leigh-Allyn Baker

Ellen is Grace's friend and was also her college roommate. She often comes over for dinner and games with her husband, Rob. Rob and Ellen haven't been seen much since they got married and moved to New Jersey. Ellen had a baby boy in 2002, and by 2005 had three children.

Episodes [8]: 01.01, 01.10, 01.18, 01.21, 02.01, 02.03, 02.19, 03.08

Debbie Reynolds as Bobbi Adler
Bobbi Adler
Debbie Reynolds

Bobbi is Grace's critical, over the top, poker-playing, match-making, show girl mother. Bobbi is married to Martin Adler, and they have three daughters: Janet (the oldest), Grace and Joyce.

Episodes [3]: 01.13, 02.05, 03.08

Neil Vipond as Julius
Neil Vipond

Julius is Bobbi Adler's longtime pianist and arranger. Bobbi wonders why some woman has never snatched him up.

Episodes [1]: 03.08

Sara Rue as Joyce Adler
Joyce Adler
Sara Rue

Joyce Adler is Grace's younger sister.

Episodes [1]: 03.08

Ever Carradine as Pam
Ever Carradine

Will, Grace, Jack and Karen encounter Pam while waiting for a table on Thanksgiving. They tell her the story of how Will came out back in 1985.

Episodes [1]: 03.08

Cher as Cher

When Jack quits show business, a vision of Cher appears to encourage him to not give up and to follow his bliss.

Episodes [1]: 03.07

Robert Romanus as Lenny
Robert Romanus

Grace got horrible waiter Lenny fired, then gave him a job at Grace Adler Designs out of guilt, not realizing that he was a pot dealer.

Episodes [1]: 03.07

Camryn Manheim as Psychic Sue
Psychic Sue
Camryn Manheim

Grace gave Will a gift certificate to Psychic Sue, who predicted that Will was going to spend the rest of his his life with Jack.

Episodes [1]: 03.07

Karen Walker as Anastasia Beaverhausen
Anastasia Beaverhausen
Karen Walker

When Karen needs to go incognito, she dons the alias Anastasia Beaverhausen. Anastasia as in Russian royalty, Beaverhausen as in where the beaver lives.

Episodes [3]: 02.10, 02.22, 03.06

Jeremy Piven as Nicholas
Jeremy Piven

An ex-boyfriend of Grace's, Nicholas plays the 'cello with the Boston Symphony Orchestra. He invited Grace to have a three-way with him and his current girlfiend, Paula.

Episodes [1]: 03.06

Maria Pitillo as Paula
Maria Pitillo

Paula plays the flute in the Boston Symphony. She wanted to have a three-way with Grace and Nicholas.

Episodes [1]: 03.06

Louis Giovannetti as Officer Bob
Officer Bob
Louis Giovannetti

After the NYPD sensitivity presentation, Officer Bob asked Will about a "friend" of his that might be gay.

Episodes [1]: 03.04

Henriette Mantel as Annie
Henriette Mantel

Will's friends Terry and Annie tried to help out Will with his dramatization for the NYPD sensitivity seminar, but they couldn't take Jack, who gave new meaning to the word "offensive."

Episodes [1]: 03.04

Natasha Lyonne as Gillian
Natasha Lyonne

Gillian is first in her class at The Cooper Union. She interned for two weeks at Grace Adler Designs, but nearly threw it all away when she decided that she'd rather be like Karen than Grace.

Episodes [1]: 03.04

Christopher Darga as Officer Kirk
Officer Kirk
Christopher Darga

Officer Kirk Cox introduced Will's dramatization and thanked them afterwards.

Episodes [1]: 03.04

Suzanne Krull as Terry
Suzanne Krull

Will's friends Terry and Annie tried to help out Will with his dramatization for the NYPD sensitivity seminar, but they couldn't take Jack, who gave new meaning to the word "offensive."

Episodes [1]: 03.04

Derek Basco as Mipanko
Derek Basco

Mipanko spent the night with Jack the night Grace's apartment was almost broken into. His Poppy also showed up at Will and Jack's.

Episodes [1]: 03.02

Steve Schroeder as Delivery Boy
Delivery Boy
Steve Schroeder

He delivers groceries to Jack's apartment.

Episodes [1]: 03.01