Dance Cards and Greeting Cards

Title “Dance Cards and Greeting Cards”
Episode # 7.15 (154)
Season # 7
Original Airdate 10-Feb-2005
Writers Gail Lerner
Producers Alex Herschlag & Dave Flebotte and James Burrows
Director James Burrows

Plot Synopsis

Valentine's Day is full of surprises. Grace tries to ignore the greeting card holiday but romantic urges eventually send her into the arms of the enemy — none other than Nick, a hunky greeting card writer. In a dramatic change of events, Karen's former nemesis Scott Woolley tries to win her heart by showering her with gifts but Karen's eyes are on larger things — her new overweight Internet date. Elsewhere, after dancing with a lesbian couple Will and Jack find comfort in each other's arms for the Valentine's Day spotlight dance.


  • Eric McCormack (Will Truman)
  • Debra Messing (Grace Adler)
  • Sean Hayes (Jack McFarland)
  • Megan Mullally (Karen Walker)

Guest Cast

  • Jeff Goldblum (Scott Woolley)
  • Ed Burns (Nick)
  • Michele Lee (Lucille)
  • Chita Rivera (Lenore)
  • Leslie Jordan (Beverley Leslie)
  • Andrea Lynn Silvers (Woman)
  • Dustin Harris (Man)
  • Bob Rusch (Drunk Man)
  • Brian A. Setzer (Benji)


  • Karen has been exchanging Internet messages with ElevatorHazard at (who is Scott Woolley, of course).
  • This is the first appearance of Grace's new love interest Nick.
  • Beverley Leslie's "business associate" Benji also appeared in the 5th season episode "Fagmalion Part Three: Bye Bye Beardy".


  • Credits for this Episode.
  • Transcript of this Episode.
  • 0715-Nick-150.wmv: Grace meets greeting card writer Nick.
  • 0715-Woolley-150.wmv: Scott Woolley comes to Karen's rescue.
  • 0715-Sisters-150.wmv: Sisters and lesbians.
  • Internet.wav: JACK "I don't know, Karen. You gotta be careful. You can't trust people you meet on the Internet..."
  • Unnatural.wav: JACK "Where the hell are all the queers you promised us, Karen?! God, even the waiters are straight. It's unnatural."
  • Nick.wav: NICK "And the real myth must be that February 14 is the only day you're unpleasant and bitter."
  • BeverleyLeslie1.wav: BEVERLEY LESLIE "Well, I hope your beau shows, because if that spotlight finds you all alone..."
  • RagingMo.wav: JACK "I'm sorry, I'm a wee bit confused. Um... how can I put this delicately? You're a raging 'mo yourself."
  • BeverleyLeslie2.wav: BEVERLEY LESLIE "I don't know what you're insinuating, but my precious wife Crystal would be here tonight..."
  • Angel.wav: SCOTT WOOLLEY "You are the brightest angel in all of heaven. Also, I'd like so much, so much, to get into your pants."
  • Lenore.wav: LENORE "You see, dears, um... We tell people we're sisters. But we're really... sisters."
  • BeverleyLeslie3.wav: BEVERLEY LESLIE "Oh, Benji, I can't stand the sight of all this... homosexual dancing!"

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Airdates & Ratings

02/10/20058:30 PM07.7/12%
04/07/20058:30 PM05.0/08%
07/21/200510:30 PM03.2/05%Triple Feature
12/01/20058:30 PM05.0/08%#51