The Cast of "Will & Grace"

Guest Cast – Season 10

Brian Jordan Alvarez as Estefan Gloria
Estefan Gloria
Brian Jordan Alvarez

Jack begins dating Estefan after breaking up with Drew. The two hit it off immediately quickly got engaged.

Episodes [6]: 09.16, 10.01, 10.02, 10.10, 10.14, 10.18

Charles C. Stevenson Jr as Smitty
Charles C. Stevenson Jr

Smitty is a bartender at Karen's favorite bar. His stories of woe always put a smile on her face.

Episodes [10]: 04.25, 05.19, 07.18, 08.02, 08.22, 09.06, 09.15, 09.16, 10.02, 10.18

Matt Bomer as McCoy Whitman
McCoy Whitman
Matt Bomer

McCoy Whitman is a local television newscaster who likes his men cute and dumb.

Episodes [4]: 10.08, 10.13, 10.16, 10.18

Clinton Leupp as Miss Coco Peru
Miss Coco Peru
Clinton Leupp

Drag queen Miss Coco Peru owns a gay bar that Jack frequents. He also performed Jack and Estefan's wedding ceremony.

Episodes [2]: 10.05, 10.18

Samira Wiley as Nikki
Samira Wiley

Nikki works in the same building as Grace Adler Designs. She meets Karen while trapped during a snowstorm and the two have a brief affair.

Episodes [3]: 10.16, 10.17, 10.18

Reid Scott as Marcus
Reid Scott

Grace meets the charming Marcus at the airport.

Episodes [1]: 10.18

Tim Bagley as Larry
Tim Bagley

Larry and his partner Joe are two former party boy friends of Will and Jack's. They settled down in the South Hamptons and are raising a daughter, Hannah. They were married in 2001 in Vermont. Grace fixed him up with Will's father's mistress.

Episodes [16]: 03.03, 03.10, 03.17, 03.18, 04.12, 05.04, 05.08, 05.09, 05.15, 06.14, 07.05, 08.04, 08.15, 08.20, 09.09, 10.17

David Schwimmer as Noah Broader
Noah Broader
David Schwimmer

Noah Broader is West Side Curmudgeon @wsidecurmudgeon on Twitter. He and Grace date for a while.

Episodes [7]: 10.01, 10.03, 10.06, 10.07, 10.14, 10.16, 10.17

Ryan Pinkston as Drew
Ryan Pinkston

Jack hooks up with closeted Officer Drew at Vince's wedding.

Episodes [4]: 09.10, 09.11, 09.15, 10.16

Blythe Danner as Marilyn Truman
Marilyn Truman
Blythe Danner

Will's mother, married to George Truman. They have three sons: Sam, Paul, and Will (her favorite). George and Marilyn decided to divorce in 2002. After the divorce became final in 2003, she became depressed and moved in with Will. After spraining her ankle, she was forced to stay with Will for a couple more weeks. In 2004, she invited Grace to her house for a tea party and Grace broke her favorite Lladro figurine.

Episodes [14]: 04.09, 04.18, 06.03, 06.04, 06.06, 06.21, 07.11, 07.21, 08.09, 08.19, 08.20, 09.16, 10.07, 10.15

Laura Kightlinger as Nurse Sheila
Nurse Sheila
Laura Kightlinger

Sheila used to work at the sperm bank, collecting specimens. She now works for Dr. Hershberg.

Episodes [8]: 02.11, 04.25, 05.01, 06.07, 06.22, 08.21, 09.03, 10.15

Robert Klein as Martin Adler
Martin Adler
Robert Klein

Martin is Grace's joking father. He is married to Bobbi Adler, and they have three daughters: Janet (the oldest), Grace and Joyce. He missed Grace's wedding when he threw his back out.

Episodes [5]: 07.20, 09.15, 09.16, 10.05, 10.15

Martin was played by Alan Arkin in the original series run

Molly Shannon as Val Bassett
Val Bassett
Molly Shannon

Wacky neighbor Val moved into apartment 15F and befriended Will (which made Grace crazy jealous). She then moved to 12E and befriended Grace (then stole her music box). After seeing Jack's cabaret act Jack 2001, Val stalked him. When Val shows up again and tries to be friendly with Grace, Grace gives her the cold shoulder. To get back at her, Val opens a design business next door and steals Grace's ideas and clients. In 2004, Grace ran into Val at an AA meeting.

Episodes [7]: 01.18, 02.20, 03.21, 04.22, 07.03, 09.09, 10.13

Alec Baldwin as Malcolm Widmark
Malcolm Widmark
Alec Baldwin

Malcolm lures Will into working for him. When Will becomes suspicous, Malcolm claims to be a government agent working with an old friend — Stanley Walker.

Episodes [10]: 07.22, 07.23, 08.01, 08.03, 08.04, 08.05, 09.15, 09.16, 10.02, 10.12

Steve Paymer as Steve
Steve Paymer

Steve is one of Will and Rob's poker buddies. Steve also lives in Will's building, and is in charge of the building's community garden.

Episodes [5]: 01.07, 02.19, 04.19, 05.11, 10.12

Andrea Martin as Zusanna
Andrea Martin

Zusanna is the sister of Jack's former acting teacher, Zandra.

Episodes [1]: 10.12

Barrett Foa as Paul
Barrett Foa

Paul is a professor at Columbia University. He flirts with Will, until Will discovers Paul has a husband and child.

Episodes [1]: 10.12

Connie Shin as Olivie
Connie Shin

Olivie is a student in Will's law class at Columbia University.

Episodes [2]: 10.02, 10.11

Aya Cash as Olivia Walker
Olivia Walker
Aya Cash

Olivia is the daughter of Stanley and Kathy Walker, and is Karen's stepdaughter.

Episodes [2]: 07.11, 10.11

Olivia was previously played by Hallee Hirsh in Season 7.

Tucker Smallwood as Professor Henry Rice
Professor Henry Rice
Tucker Smallwood

Henry Rice is the department head at Columbia University, where Will teaches.

Episodes [1]: 10.10

Mary McCormack as Janet Adler
Janet Adler
Mary McCormack

Janet is Grace's older sister. Her life is a mess and Grace is constantly having to help her.

Episodes [3]: 06.11, 09.15, 10.09

Janet was previously played by Genna Davis in Season 6

Chelsea Handler as Donna Zimmer
Donna Zimmer
Chelsea Handler

Power lesbian Donna Zimmer hooks up with Grace's sister, Janet.

Episodes [1]: 10.09

Minnie Driver as Lorraine Finster
Lorraine Finster
Minnie Driver

British hussy Lorraine was Stanley Walker's girlfriend. She worked in the prison cafeteria.

Episodes [8]: 05.15, 05.23, 05.24, 06.11, 06.15, 06.16, 09.06, 10.08

Derek Gaines as Theodore
Derek Gaines

Theodore works at the Bronx Boys and Girls Club rec center. He is Alvin's brother.

Episodes [2]: 09.05, 10.07

Cleo Fraser as Katie Broader
Katie Broader
Cleo Fraser

Katie is Noah Broader's daughter.

Episodes [1]: 10.07

Jon Cryer as Jon Cryer
Jon Cryer
Jon Cryer

Karen replaced Jack with Jon Cryer in Jack's one man show, Gaybraham Twinklin.

Episodes [1]: 10.06

Livia Treviņo as Mrs. Timmer
Mrs. Timmer
Livia Treviño

Mrs. Timmer lives in Will and Grace's building, in apartment 9B.

Episodes [2]: 10.01, 10.04

Leslie Jordan as Beverley Leslie
Beverley Leslie
Leslie Jordan

After trying to steal Rosario and then showing up at the Walker's annual Valentine's weekend to taunt Karen for being alone, Karen's arch-rival showed up at the HRC gala with "business associate" Benji and tried to outbid her in the silent auction. He was in Vegas for Karen's wedding and confessed to Will that Karen Walker was "the one who got away." His rich wife Crystal finally passed in 2005.

Episodes [14]: 03.14, 04.15, 05.17, 06.03, 06.23, 07.15, 07.22, 08.07, 08.11, 08.17, 08.23, 09.05, 09.07, 10.03

Samuel Faraci as Skip
Samuel Faraci

Skip is Jack's grandson, the son of Elliot and Emma. His parents send him to conversion camp Straighten Arrow so he can be "normal" — until Grandpa Jack intervenes.

Episodes [2]: 09.04, 10.03

Skip appeared in Season 9, but was played by Jet Jurgensmeyer.

Bruno Amato as Randy
Bruno Amato

Border Patrol Officer Randy detains Karen and Beverley Leslie at the border wall.

Episodes [1]: 10.03

Yelyna De Leon as Blanca
Yelyna De Leon

Karen meets Blanca while in Border Patrol custody and is moved by her story.

Episodes [1]: 10.03

Karen Walker as Anastasia Beaverhausen
Anastasia Beaverhausen
Karen Walker

When Karen needs to go incognito, she dons the alias Anastasia Beaverhausen. Anastasia as in Russian royalty, Beaverhausen as in where the beaver lives.

Episodes [10]: 02.10, 02.22, 03.06, 04.21, 04.25, 08.10, 08.13, 09.01, 09.15, 10.02

Joy Osmanski as Trish Yashida
Trish Yashida
Joy Osmanski

Trish Yashida is a private investigator searching for Karen Walker.

Episodes [1]: 10.02