The Cast of "Will & Grace"

Guest Cast – Season 6

Shelley Morrison as Rosario Salazar
Rosario Salazar
Shelley Morrison

Rosario is Karen's feisty Salvadoran maid. She married Jack to get her green card; the two lived in the help's quarters of Karen and Stan's penthouse until Rosario divorced Jack to be with Gardener.

Episodes [40]: 01.22, 02.01, 02.02, 02.05, 02.12, 02.17, 02.18, 02.23, 03.01, 03.02, 03.03, 03.08, 03.11, 03.15, 03.22, 04.01, 04.04, 04.07, 04.08, 04.09, 04.13, 04.16, 04.25, 05.02, 05.06, 05.08, 05.09, 05.10, 05.16, 05.18, 05.22, 05.23, 05.24, 06.01, 06.14, 06.15, 06.16, 06.17, 06.22, 06.23

Shelley Morrison became a regular cast member in Season 3.

Harry Connick Jr. as Dr. Leo Markus
Dr. Leo Markus
Harry Connick Jr.

Dr. Marvin "Leo" Markus, a sexy Jewish doctor, falls for Grace — ruining her and Will's plans to have a baby. After a two-month romance, Leo and Grace impulsively wed. Leo and Grace lived in Leo's apartment in Brooklyn.

Episodes [17]: 05.01, 05.02, 05.03, 05.05, 05.07, 05.08, 05.09, 05.11, 05.14, 05.20, 05.23, 05.24, 06.01, 06.02, 06.03, 06.05, 06.23

Leslie Jordan as Beverley Leslie
Beverley Leslie
Leslie Jordan

After trying to steal Rosario and then showing up at the Walker's annual Valentine's weekend to taunt Karen for being alone, Karen's arch-rival showed up at the HRC gala with "business associate" Benji and tried to outbid her in the silent auction. He was in Vegas for Karen's wedding and confessed to Will that Karen Walker was "the one who got away." His rich wife Crystal finally passed in 2005.

Episodes [5]: 03.14, 04.15, 05.17, 06.03, 06.23

John Cleese as Lyle Finster
Lyle Finster
John Cleese

Lyle is Lorraine Finster's father. Karen runs into him while searching for the British hussy. Lyle and Karen are engaged to be married.

Episodes [5]: 06.06, 06.11, 06.15, 06.16, 06.23

Jennifer Lopez as Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez knew Rosario from the Bronx. When Karen ran into her in the casino bathroom, she asked J.Lo to sing at her wedding reception. When one of her dancers slipped and fell, Jack took the stage. She later asked Jack to go on tour with her.

Episodes [1]: 06.23

Tim Curry as Marion Finster
Marion Finster
Tim Curry

Lyle's brother Marion flew in from England to attend Lyle and Karen's wedding.

Episodes [1]: 06.23

Laura Kightlinger as Nurse Sheila
Nurse Sheila
Laura Kightlinger

Sheila used to work at the sperm bank, collecting specimens. She now works for Dr. Hershberg.

Episodes [5]: 02.11, 04.25, 05.01, 06.07, 06.22

Blythe Danner as Marilyn Truman
Marilyn Truman
Blythe Danner

Will's mother, married to George Truman. They have three sons: Sam, Paul, and Will (her favorite). George and Marilyn decided to divorce in 2002. After the divorce became final in 2003, she became depressed and moved in with Will. After spraining her ankle, she was forced to stay with Will for a couple more weeks. In 2004, she invited Grace to her house for a tea party and Grace broke her favorite Lladro figurine.

Episodes [6]: 04.09, 04.18, 06.03, 06.04, 06.06, 06.21

Michael Angarano as Elliot
Michael Angarano

Elliot is Jack's biological son. Elliot's mother Bonnie used Jack's donation from the New York Family Clinic back in 1988. When Elliot was 12, he tracked down Jack. Desperate for Jack's attention, Elliot tried out for his high school cheerleading squad in 2004.

Episodes [10]: 03.22, 04.01, 04.03, 04.08, 04.09, 04.14, 04.20, 04.25, 05.12, 06.21

Michael Angarano became a regular cast member in Season 4 (but only appeared in one episode each in Seasons 5, 6, and 8).

Lesley Ann Warren as Tina
Lesley Ann Warren

Tina was having an affair with Will's dad, George until 2006. They met at the company Christmas party.

Episodes [3]: 03.15, 04.12, 06.21

Sara Paxton as Melanie
Sara Paxton

Melanie was the head cheerleader at Elliot's high school.

Episodes [1]: 06.21

Bobby Cannavale as Vince D'Angelo
Vince D'Angelo
Bobby Cannavale

Will meets Vince by coincidence when Vince stops Will and Karen for speeding. Vince is friends with Joe and Larry, and they have been trying to set up Will and Vince for years. Will and Vince soon began dating.

Episodes [3]: 06.18, 06.19, 06.20

Amy Farrington as Phyllis
Amy Farrington

After Karen tells Jack that they won't be able to hang out like they used to, Jack holds auditions for her replacement. America narrowed it down to 3 finalists, with Phyllis taking the lead after showing impressive results in the spanking category.

Episodes [1]: 06.20

Bebe Neuwirth as Bebe Neuwirth
Bebe Neuwirth
Bebe Neuwirth

Jack and Karen run into Bebe Neuwirth at the coffee shop and confuse her for character Lilith from "Frasier."

Episodes [1]: 06.19

Dave Foley as Stuart Lamarack
Stuart Lamarack
Dave Foley

Stuart started his own business inventing things in his garage. Will represented Stuart in the sale of his company and Stuart became smitten by Jack and the two begin dating.

Episodes [5]: 06.13, 06.14, 06.15, 06.16, 06.18

Edie Falco as Deirdre
Edie Falco

Deirdre is the lead partner of D & M Properties, a real estate flipping firm who operates on the East Side. Deirdre buys the real estate and Monet supplies the design talent.

Episodes [1]: 06.17

John Edward as John Edward
John Edward
John Edward

Karen and Jack met psychic John Edward at a book signing. Karen asked for his help to get in touch with Stanley to ask for his blessing to marry Lyle Finster.

Episodes [1]: 06.17

ChloŽ Sevigny as Monet
Chloë Sevigny

Monet is the softer partner of D & M Properties, a real estate flipping firm who operates on the East Side. Deirdre buys the real estate and Monet supplies the design talent.

Episodes [1]: 06.17

Minnie Driver as Lorraine Finster
Lorraine Finster
Minnie Driver

British hussy Lorraine was Stanley Walker's girlfriend. She worked in the prison cafeteria.

Episodes [6]: 05.15, 05.23, 05.24, 06.11, 06.15, 06.16

Eileen Brennan as Zandra
Eileen Brennan

Zandra Zoggin is Acting Teacher Extraordinario. Jack brings Will to Zandra's "Acting On-Camera" class where Will lets his emotions flow and overcomes his fear of speaking on camera. After 5 years, Zandra finally tells Jack to get out. He defects from her class to start "The McFarland Method."

Episodes [5]: 04.04, 04.19, 05.07, 06.15, 06.16

Tim Bagley as Larry
Tim Bagley

Larry and his partner Joe are two former party boy friends of Will and Jack's. They settled down in the South Hamptons and are raising a daughter, Hannah. They were married in 2001 in Vermont. Grace fixed him up with Will's father's mistress.

Episodes [10]: 03.03, 03.10, 03.17, 03.18, 04.12, 05.04, 05.08, 05.09, 05.15, 06.14

Jerry Levine as Joe
Jerry Levine

Larry and Joe are two former party boy friends of Will and Jack's. They settled down in the South Hamptons and are raising a daughter, Hannah. They were married in 2001 in Vermont.

Episodes [8]: 03.03, 03.10, 03.17, 05.04, 05.08, 05.09, 05.15, 06.14

Suzanne Pleshette as Lois Whitley
Lois Whitley
Suzanne Pleshette

Lois is Karen Walker's estranged mother, who is a waitress at Paddy's Pub in Yonkers. She's a con-artist who tried to get "Kiki" to help her with one last scam.

Episodes [3]: 04.16, 04.17, 06.14

Tracey Ullman as Ann
Tracey Ullman

Ann teaches cooking classes. She has a fake finger.

Episodes [1]: 06.14

Christopher Backus as Adam
Christopher Backus

Tall and handsome Adam joined Ann's cooking class and paired up with single Will. He was a hooker hired by Ann because Will was bringing down the entire class.

Episodes [1]: 06.14

Kari Lizer as Connie
Kari Lizer

Connie is an administrative assistant at the offices of Doucette and Stein, and works with Will. Seemingly oblivious to the fact that Will is gay, Connie has the hots for him and usually ends up putting her foot in her mouth when she talks to him.

Episodes [4]: 04.03, 05.06, 05.19, 06.13

Kari Lizer is one of the show's writer/producers.

Hal Linden as Alan Mills
Alan Mills
Hal Linden

Will meets rich plastic surgeon Alan at an art gallery. Alan and Will become "friends" and Alan begins showering him with expensive gifts and shopping sprees. After Will confronts his "sugar daddy" about his intentions, Alan is offended and Will is replaced.

Episodes [1]: 06.12

Don Perry as Bertram
Don Perry

Looking for a sugar daddy of his own, Jack meets Bertram at the art gallery. Unfortunately, all Jack gets is a bus pass.

Episodes [1]: 06.12

Keone Young as Happy Noodles Owner
Happy Noodles Owner
Keone Young

The owner of Grace's new favorite Asian noodle place — until she drops a hot take-out container and he wants to charge her for a replacement.

Episodes [1]: 06.12

Brandon Routh as Sebastian
Brandon Routh

Alan Mills replaced Will with boy toy Sebastian.

Episodes [1]: 06.12

Geena Davis as Janet Adler
Janet Adler
Geena Davis

Janet is Grace's older sister. Her life is a mess and Grace is constantly having to help her.

Episodes [1]: 06.11

Debbie Reynolds as Bobbi Adler
Bobbi Adler
Debbie Reynolds

Bobbi is Grace's critical, over the top, poker-playing, match-making, show girl mother. Bobbi is married to Martin Adler, and they have three daughters: Janet (the oldest), Grace and Joyce.

Episodes [7]: 01.13, 02.05, 03.08, 04.09, 05.08, 05.09, 06.10

Barry Manilow as Barry Manilow
Barry Manilow
Barry Manilow

Will meets Barry Manilow after promising to go out on a date with Barry's road manager, Rudy.

Episodes [1]: 06.10

Sara Gilbert as Cheryl
Sara Gilbert

Cheryl is a dedicated Barry Manilow fan. She follows him around the country and even has web site dedicated to Barry. Her chat name in the Fanilow chat room is Copacafana82. She introduces Karen to the music of Barry Manilow.

Episodes [1]: 06.10

Chris Penn as Rudy
Chris Penn

Rudy is Barry Manilow's road manager. When Rudy tries to strike up a conversation with Will, Will gives him the immediate brush-off... until he finds out that kissing up to Rudy will get him in to meet Barry.

Episodes [1]: 06.10

Tom Everett Scott as Alex
Tom Everett Scott

Grace runs into Alex at Jack's celebration dinner. They previously met — and made out — years earlier.

Episodes [1]: 06.09

Candice Bergen as Candice Bergen
Candice Bergen
Candice Bergen

Actress Candice Bergen is one of Karen's "friends". They spend their time playing practical jokes on each other.

Episodes [1]: 06.09

Kali Rocha as Stephanie
Kali Rocha

Stephanie meets Will at a restaurant. Not realizing that Will is gay, she thinks that he is hitting on her.

Episodes [1]: 06.09

Lea DeLaria as Nurse Carver
Nurse Carver
Lea DeLaria

Mean Nurse Carver took over teaching Jack's Basic Procedures class.

Episodes [1]: 06.08

Dion Basco as Student Nurse Arpie
Student Nurse Arpie
Dion Basco

Arpie is one of Jack's classmates.

Episodes [1]: 06.08

Karen Bankhead as Student Nurse Burnadean
Student Nurse Burnadean
Karen Bankhead

Burnadean is one of Jack's classmates.

Episodes [1]: 06.08

Lela Lee as Student Nurse Ping
Student Nurse Ping
Lela Lee

Ping is one of Jack's classmates.

Episodes [1]: 06.08

Jack Black as Dr. Isaac Hershberg
Dr. Isaac Hershberg
Jack Black

Now that Karen is on the board of Walker, Inc. she must have a yearly physical. Karen took an immediate liking to Dr. Hershberg's wack-job personality.

Episodes [1]: 06.07

Stephanie Faracy as Nurse Eva
Nurse Eva
Stephanie Faracy

Eva works at the hospital where Jack has become a student nurse. She claims that Jack is the brightest student since Pilar Palabunda.

Episodes [1]: 06.07

Gerald Downey as Student Nurse Clark
Student Nurse Clark
Gerald Downey

Clark is a student nurse at the office of Dr. Hershberg. After a little flirting and over-the-smock fondling (followed by some under-the-smock fondling), Jack discovers his new passion and enrolls in student nursing school.

Episodes [1]: 06.07

Dylan McDermott as Tom
Dylan McDermott

Will meets Tom while pushing Marilyn through the park. Despite being a creepy mama's boy, Will goes out to dinner with him.

Episodes [1]: 06.06

Emily Rutherfurd as Joanne
Emily Rutherfurd

Joanne was the star pupil in Jack's acting class. After Jack teaches her to be an "attractress," she gets her first part in a toothpaste commercial. With Jack's help, she has become a TV commercial actress for products such as Imodium-AD, Monostat 7....

Episodes [3]: 05.07, 05.19, 06.04

Jon Fleming as Russell
Jon Fleming

Russell was a student in Jack's acting class. During class, Jack always managed to get Russell's shirt off.

Episodes [3]: 05.07, 05.19, 06.04

Gordon Davidson as Gordon Davidson
Gordon Davidson
Gordon Davidson

Gordon is the director of The Iceman Cometh at the Cherry Lane Theatre, starring James Earl Jones.

Episodes [1]: 06.04

James Earl Jones as James Earl Jones
James Earl Jones
James Earl Jones

James Earl Jones stars in the off-broadway production of The Iceman Cometh, in which Jack has a one-line part. He spends a week in Jack's acting class to brush up on the basics.

Episodes [1]: 06.04

Nathan Anderson as Andrew
Nathan Anderson

Will met Andrew at the gym. Andrew seemed interested in him, but Will's mother kept getting in the way.

Episodes [1]: 06.04

Mira Sorvino as Diane
Mira Sorvino

Leo invites his ex-girlfriend Diane over for dinner. Jack lets it slip that she's also the only woman Will has ever slept with, sending Grace into a frenzy. After a few glasses of wine, Diane confesses that she's never got over Will — and that one time was the only time that she's ever had an orgasm. Karen ends up giving her Lorraine's teacup poodle.

Episodes [1]: 06.02