The Cast of "Will & Grace"

Guest Cast – Season 1

Shelley Morrison as Rosario Salazar
Rosario Salazar
Shelley Morrison

Rosario is Karen's feisty Salvadoran maid. She married Jack to get her green card; the two lived in the help's quarters of Karen and Stan's penthouse until Rosario divorced Jack to be with Gardener.

Episodes [1]: 01.22

Shelley Morrison became a regular cast member in Season 3.

Tom Verica as Danny
Tom Verica

Grace's ex-fiancé. He married Sarah in 2002.

Episodes [1]: 01.22

Leigh-Allyn Baker as Ellen
Leigh-Allyn Baker

Ellen is Grace's friend and was also her college roommate. She often comes over for dinner and games with her husband, Rob. Rob and Ellen haven't been seen much since they got married and moved to New Jersey. Ellen had a baby boy in 2002, and by 2005 had three children.

Episodes [4]: 01.01, 01.10, 01.18, 01.21

Tom Gallop as Rob
Tom Gallop

Rob is one of Will's friends who comes over for dinner, and to play poker and other games, like the home version of Pyramid, along with his wife Ellen. (They constantly lose to Will and Grace.) Rob and Ellen have two dogs, Harry and Ronnie, and three kids. Rob is also Will's accountant.

Episodes [4]: 01.01, 01.10, 01.18, 01.21

John Capodice as Workman Bernie
Workman Bernie
John Capodice

Bernie was working on the heat in Grace's office. Karen saved his life using CPR.

Episodes [1]: 01.21

Lucky Vanous as EMS Tech
EMS Tech
Lucky Vanous

The EMS Technician who arrived after Karen saved Bernie's life using CPR. Both Karen and Jack want him to give them a refresher course.

Episodes [1]: 01.21

Miguel Ferrer as Nathan Berry
Nathan Berry
Miguel Ferrer

An obnoxious, arrogant PR man, who hired Grace to decorate his house, with the condition that she fix him up with Will, who despises him.

Episodes [1]: 01.20

Ben Reed as Richard Keller
Richard Keller
Ben Reed

Richard is one of Will's newer clients. Will was initially embarrassed to introduce Jack to Richard because Richard didn't know Will was gay.

Episodes [1]: 01.19

Molly Shannon as Val Bassett
Val Bassett
Molly Shannon

Wacky neighbor Val moved into apartment 15F and befriended Will (which made Grace crazy jealous). She then moved to 12E and befriended Grace (then stole her music box). After seeing Jack's cabaret act Jack 2001, Val stalked him. When Val shows up again and tries to be friendly with Grace, Grace gives her the cold shoulder. To get back at her, Val opens a design business next door and steals Grace's ideas and clients. In 2004, Grace ran into Val at an AA meeting.

Episodes [1]: 01.18

David Sutcliffe as Campbell
David Sutcliffe

Campbell is an old high-school boyfriend of Grace's. He also is the caretaker of Karen's cabin in Vermont.

Episodes [1]: 01.17

Earl Schuman as Driver
Earl Schuman

Karen's limousine driver. Karen tried to fire driver after he hit a pedestrian (again).

Episodes [1]: 01.16

David Newsom as Peter
David Newsom

Grace and Will both compete for Peter's affection, but neither one is his type.

Episodes [1]: 01.16

John Slattery as Sam Truman
Sam Truman
John Slattery

Sam is Will's oldest brother. His divorce to his wife Ginny recently became final.

Episodes [2]: 01.14, 01.15

Debbie Reynolds as Bobbi Adler
Bobbi Adler
Debbie Reynolds

Bobbi is Grace's critical, over the top, poker-playing, match-making, show girl mother. Bobbi is married to Martin Adler, and they have three daughters: Janet (the oldest), Grace and Joyce.

Episodes [1]: 01.13

Wendie Jo Sperber as April
Wendie Jo Sperber

Will hired April to clean their apartment while Grace prepared for the Sublime Design contest.

Episodes [1]: 01.12

Raphael Sbarge as Alex
Raphael Sbarge

Jack tries to impress Alex by pretending he's a lawyer.

Episodes [1]: 01.12

Rudy Galindo as Rudy Galindo
Rudy Galindo
Rudy Galindo

Jack gets his favorite Champions on Ice star's autograph and a date for coffee.

Episodes [1]: 01.11

Titus Napoleon as Roger Waka-lana-huki
Roger Waka-lana-huki
Titus Napoleon

Roger (a.k.a. "King Thong") auditioned for the part of "Plantain" in Jack's first play.

Episodes [1]: 01.09

Ivar Brogger as Mr. Hutt
Mr. Hutt
Ivar Brogger

Mr. Hutt owns the building where the office of Grace Adler Designs is located. Grace recently purchased her space from him.

Episodes [1]: 01.08

Steve Paymer as Steve
Steve Paymer

Steve is one of Will and Rob's poker buddies. Steve also lives in Will's building, and is in charge of the building's community garden.

Episodes [1]: 01.07

Todd Eckert as Jurgen Franzblau
Jurgen Franzblau
Todd Eckert

Jurgen is Will and Rob's poker buddy.

Episodes [2]: 01.01, 01.07

Julian McMahon as Guy
Julian McMahon

After going through a phase of low sex drive, Grace meets Guy in the elevator.

Episodes [1]: 01.07

Eric Gustavson as Sebastian
Eric Gustavson

Even though Sebastian is handsome, sensual, and talented, Grace has no feelings for him.

Episodes [1]: 01.07

Ben Caswell as Sam
Ben Caswell

Will flirts with Sam while taking Harlin's kids Trick-or-treating in the building.

Episodes [1]: 01.05