Key Party

Vince wishes Will a happy birthday
Vince wishes Will a happy birthday
Title “Key Party”
Episode # 7.05 (144)
Season # 7
Original Airdate 14-Oct-2004
Writers Sonja Warfield
Producers Alex Herschlag & Dave Flebotte and James Burrows
Director James Burrows

Plot Synopsis

It's Will's birthday and everyone is in the mood for a happy birthday celebration, although Will is a bit hesitant because he has never had a happy birthday. Now that he is in a good relationship with his new boyfriend Vince, Will decides to give his birthday a chance. Grace runs into Vince shopping and notices that he has bought Will a key chain — in the hopes of giving Will the key to his heart or apartment, and she tells him that Will would hate the gesture. Meanwhile, Karen is depressed because Will's birthday coincides with her late husband Stan's birthday.


  • Eric McCormack (Will Truman)
  • Debra Messing (Grace Adler)
  • Sean Hayes (Jack McFarland)
  • Megan Mullally (Karen Walker)
  • Shelley Morrison (Rosario Salazar)

Guest Cast

  • Bobby Cannavale (Vince D'Angelo)
  • Jerry Levine (Joe)
  • Tim Bagley (Larry)
  • Kevin Brief (Officer Ralph)


  • This is Will's 37th birthday.
  • After 7 years, we discover that Stanley Walker's birthday is apparently the same day as Will's.
  • Vince states that he and Will have been dating for six months (and that he has seen Will naked and slept with him). Will and Vince share a small kiss in this episode.
  • To celebrate Stanley Walker Day, Karen takes Jack, Joe and Larry to Atlantic City in the helicopter. During the end credits, they are suddenly back when Rosario arrives to deliver Will's present. (Rosario sings "Arthur's Theme" by Christopher Cross to Will for his birthday.)


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  • Transcript of this Episode.
  • 0705-Shopping-150.wmv: Vince goes shopping for Will's present.
  • 0705-Party-150.wmv: Will has the worst birthday party ever.
  • 0705-Key-150.wmv: Will finally gets his key.
  • Monsters.wav: WILL "What kind of monsters give a 10-year-old boy a baseball mitt, when what he asked for was an autographed 8x10 of Chita Rivera?"
  • Vince1.wav: VINCE "Look how nice my hair looks. And now I gotta put a hat on? I swear if this blue didn't make my eyes pop, I'd be in sales."
  • Vince2.wav: VINCE "Ya know what, Grace? I'm sorry you wasted your afternoon stalking me, but I'm going with the key. And by the way, you might have made him gay, but I made him good at it."
  • OldMaid.wav: JACK "What do we have here? One Jack, three queens, and an old maid."
  • HagHeaven.wav: KAREN "Lord, all these gays in one room. Grace, you must be in hag heaven."



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Airdates & Ratings

10/14/20048:30 PM08.4/13%#20
03/08/20058:00 PM03.4/04%Special triple feature