Humongous Growth

Will and Grace apologize and make up
Will and Grace apologize and make up
Title “Humongous Growth”
Episode # 5.04 (96)
Season # 5
Original Airdate 17-Oct-2002
Writers Kari Lizer
Producers Jeff Greenstein & Jhoni Marchinko and James Burrows
Director James Burrows

Plot Synopsis

While Will and Grace are feuding, Karen and Jack hatch a wobbly plan to patch up their differences about co-parenting a baby by tricking each one into attending the same birthday party for Joe and Larry's daughter. After arguing over who brought the better gift, the feathers continue to fly as the best friends fuss over their conflicting agendas.


  • Eric McCormack (Will Truman)
  • Debra Messing (Grace Adler)
  • Sean Hayes (Jack McFarland)
  • Megan Mullally (Karen Walker)

Guest Cast

  • Tim Bagley (Larry)
  • Jerry Levine (Joe)
  • Mary McDonough (Mom)
  • Hannah Leigh Dworkin (Ruby)
  • Ryan Armstrong (Josh)


  • Part 2 of 2.




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Airdates & Ratings

10/17/20029:00 PM12.7/19%#06
02/06/20039:30 PM08.5/12%#34Special Time