Star Trek: The Next Generation Episode Guide

Season 3


S3 E1 ● 1989-Sep-25
Wesley's science project accidentally releases microscopic Nanites into the ship's computer core, where they are causing system failures and threaten Dr. Stubbs' lifelong experiment.

The Ensigns of Command

S3 E2 ● 1989-Oct-02
Data must convince reluctant colonists to evacuate the planet Tau Cygna V they settled on within four days, or the entire population will be annihilated by the Sheliak, who own that planet by Federati...

The Survivors

S3 E3 ● 1989-Oct-02
The Enterprise responds to a distress call from a colony on Rana IV. A man and his wife, Kevin and Rishon Uxbridge, are the sole survivors of a planetary massacre by the Husnak. The man turns o...

Who Watches the Watchers?

S3 E4 ● 1989-Oct-16
The Enterprise races to Mintaka III to aid a Federation anthropology team tudying the native primitive proto-Vulcan humanoids. When the lab's holo-generator fails, the Away Team is exposed to o...

The Bonding

S3 E5 ● 1989-Oct-23
A routine mission to explore the ruins of the Koinonian civilization ends in tragedy when a bomb left over from that people's long war explodes, killing the ship's archaelogist Lt. Marla Aster. Back o...

Booby Trap

S3 E6 ● 1989-Oct-30
The Enterprise becomes trapped by energy draining, radiation emitting devices in an asteroid field. Geordi creates a holodeck image of Dr. Leah Brahms, a senior design engineer of the Galaxy...

The Enemy

S3 E7 ● 1989-Nov-06
Stranded on Galorndon Core, Geordi is captured by a Romulan. The electro-magnetic storms numb the injured Romulan's legs and render Geordi's VISOR useless. The Enterprise sends a beacon and the...

The Price

S3 E8 ● 1989-Nov-13
During negotiations for the Barzan wormhole, Troi becomes involved with delegate Devinoni Ral. Troi finds out that he is secretly using his Betazoid abilities to manipulate the other delegates to his ...

The Vengeance Factor

S3 E9 ● 1989-Nov-20
Picard and Riker assist in the reconciliation of clans on Acamar III that have been warring for a century, but an assassin is killing the delegates.

The Defector

S3 E10 ● 1990-Jan-01
Sub-Lieutenant Setal, a Romulan defector tries to lead the Enterprise to Nelvana III in the Neutral Zone to prevent a war. Picard is skeptical, but Setal finally admits that he is Romulan Admir...

The Hunted

S3 E11 ● 1990-Jan-08
The Enterprise arrives at Angosia III, who has petitioned for Federation membership. When one of their prisoners escapes from a maximum security prison, the crew attempts to capture him — only...

The High Ground

S3 E12 ● 1990-Jan-29
While delivering medical supplies to Rutia IV, Ansata terrorists kidnap Dr. Crusher and Captain Picard to negotiate for advantages.

Déjà Q

S3 E13 ● 1990-Feb-05
Q returns as a mortal without his powers, pursued by an alien force wishing to kill him and attacking the Enterprise in order to reach him. Meanwhile, the Enterprise tries to keep Bre'el...

A Matter of Perspective

S3 E14 ● 1990-Feb-12
After Commander Riker is accused of murdering a scientist after the Tanuga IV Space Station explodes, conflicting reports are recreated on the holodeck.

Yesterday's Enterprise

S3 E15 ● 1990-Feb-19
A time rift brings the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-C 22 years into the future, thereby changing events: Lt. Tasha Yar has returned and the Federation is now at war with the Klingons — and losin...

The Offspring

S3 E16 ● 1990-Mar-12
Based on his own circuits, Data creates an android "offspring," Lal, who chooses female form. Admiral Haftel comes to take her away for study at the Starfleet Daystrom Institute cybernetics lab on Gal...

Sins of the Father

S3 E17 ● 1990-Mar-19
As part of an exchange program, the Enterprise plays host to Klingon officer Kurn. Kurn hands Worf the surprise of his life when he informs the lieutenant that they are brothers, separated afte...


S3 E18 ● 1990-Mar-26
Picard is kidnapped and held in a room with three other aliens. Meanwhile, a look-alike imposter is leading the Enterprise into danger to test their idea of allegiance.

Captain's Holiday

S3 E19 ● 1990-Apr-02
Picard's vacation on Risa is disrupted by a woman, Vash, who is searching for an artifact from the future called the "Tox Uthat," pursued by a Ferengi and two Vorgons from the 27th century who also wa...

Tin Man

S3 E20 ● 1990-Apr-23
The Enterprise is assigned to contact a newly discovered lifeform, code-named "Tin Man," with the aid of Tam Elbrun, a Betazoid first contact specialist, before two Romulan ships destroy it.

Hollow Pursuits

S3 E21 ● 1990-Apr-30
Geordi tries to help a shy diagnostic engineer, Lt. Reg Barclay, who escapes reality in the holodeck. Meanwhile, while transporting medical samples, mysterious malfunctions begin to plague the Ente...

The Most Toys

S3 E22 ● 1990-May-07
Data is kidnapped by Kivas Fajo, a Zibalian trader who collects unique things. After Data's shuttle apparently explodes, the crew assumes Data to be dead, and they proceed to an emergency mission on B...


S3 E23 ● 1990-May-14
Sarek, the venerable Vulcan ambassador, joins the Enterprise for his final diplomatic task at age 202 to establish ties with the Legarans, but he is uncharacteristically moody. Meanwhile, myste...

Ménage à Troi

S3 E24 ● 1990-May-28
While attending the biannual Betazed Trade Conference, Ferengi Daimon Tog abducts Commander Riker, Counselor Troi, and her mother Lwaxana Troi to use Lwaxana's telepathic powers for profit.


S3 E25 ● 1990-Jun-04
The Enterprise rescues an injured alien who has amnesia and the crew discovers that he has remarkable healing powers. A Zalkonian ship intercepts the Enterprise, claiming that the man is...

The Best of Both Worlds, Part I

S3 E26 ● 1990-Jun-18
When the Borg begin attacking within Federation space, Borg specialist Lt. Commander Shelby joins the Enterprise. After a short battle, the Enterprise retreats into a nebula. Hidden in t...