Star Trek: The Next Generation Episode Guide

Season 7

Descent, Part II

S7 E1 ● 1993-Sep-20
Lore is controlling Data to force him to assist him and the Borg in destroying the Federation. Captured by the Borg, Picard, Geordi and Troi seek a way to reactivate Data's ethical program. Meanwhile,...


S7 E2 ● 1993-Sep-27
The Enterprise hosts two Iyaaran ambassadors as part of a cultural exchange: one is assigned to Troi and the other seeks to provoke an undiplomatic Worf. Meanwhile, Picard crashes on a barren p...


S7 E3 ● 1993-Sep-27
Picard assigns Geordi to use the new capability of using his VISOR as a link between his brain and an experimental mechanical probe to rescue the science vessel U.S.S. Raman, which has become t...

Gambit, Part I

S7 E4 ● 1993-Oct-11
While investigating the apparent death of Captain Picard, Riker is kidnapped and taken to a mercenary ship that's been looting Romulan archaeological sites, only to discover Picard among the crew.

Gambit, Part II

S7 E5 ● 1993-Oct-18
Picard and Riker, having ingratiated themselves with the mercenaries, seek to drive them to mutiny to learn the true nature of the mysterious Vulcan artifacts they seek.


S7 E6 ● 1993-Oct-25
As the crew works to repair a newly installed warp core, Data's dream program begins to produce strange nightmares that dangerously affect his behavior.

Dark Page

S7 E7 ● 1993-Nov-01
Lwaxana Troi suffers a breakdown and lapses into a coma while the Enterprise hosts a delegation of telepathic aliens, the Cairn. Deanna enters her mind telepathically with the aid of Maques, on...


S7 E8 ● 1993-Nov-08
Picard and Beverly prepare to look into a diplomatic request from the Kes, one of the planet Kesprytt's two societies, who wants entrance into the Federation. They end up in a Prytt prison cell, where...

Force of Nature

S7 E9 ● 1993-Nov-15
While conducting a search for the missing medical transport U.S.S. Fleming NCC-20316 in the Hekaras Corridor, the Enterprise encounters an alien brother and sister who insist that warp-d...


S7 E10 ● 1993-Nov-22
The Enterprise travels to the planet Atrea IV in order to avert an impending natural disaster. Husband-and-wife scientists Pran and Juliana Tainer explain that Atrea's molten core is solidifyin...


S7 E11 ● 1993-Nov-29
Worf finds he is the only one who notices reality changing — and his sanity ebbing — after he returns from a Klingon bat'leth competition.

The Pegasus

S7 E12 ● 1993-Jan-10
Riker's loyalties are divided when his former commanding officer risks the Enterprise on a dangerous secret mission to salvage an illegal Federation cloaking device from his former ship, the U....


S7 E13 ● 1993-Jan-17
The Enterprise responds to a distress call from Nikolai Rozhenko, Worf's foster brother, who is stationed as a cultural observer on Boraal Two, a planet whose atmosphere is rapidly self-destruc...

Sub Rosa

S7 E14 ● 1994-Jan-31
Beverly and the Enterprise travel to Caldos IV to attend the funeral of her grandmother, Felisa Howard. While spending the night in Felisa's house, Beverly hears a man's voice. He identifies hi...

Lower Decks

S7 E15 ● 1994-Feb-08
Four junior officers find themselves tested beyond their expectations when a top-secret mission takes the place of their promotion evaluation.

Thine Own Self

S7 E16 ● 1994-Feb-15
While retrieving radioactive metal fragments from a Federation probe crashed on Barkon IV, a power surge erases Data's memory. He wanders into a village carrying the container full of the radioactive ...


S7 E17 ● 1994-Feb-21
Soon after a sensor scan of an eighty-seven million-year-old comet commences, alien artifacts begin appearing around the Enterprise. Data is possessed by an ancient sun spirit named Masaka and ...

Eye of the Beholder

S7 E18 ● 1994-Feb-28
The crew is stunned by the suicide of Lieutenant Kwan, who jumps into the plasma stream by his work station in Nacelle Control. Picard assigns Troi and Worf to investigate. Troi experiences an empathi...


S7 E19 ● 1994-Apr-03
A virus-like T-cell disease causes the crew to exhibit strange behavioral changes, eventually regressing into primitive creatures.

Journey's End

S7 E20 ● 1994-Apr-10
Admiral Nechayev informs Picard that a settlement between the Cardassians and the Federation has created new borders between the two powers, placing some Federation colonies in what is now Cardassian ...


S7 E21 ● 1994-May-08
Worf is excited that his son Alexander has reached the age for the First Rite of Ascension, a ceremony in which a young Klingon declares his intention to become a warrior. However, he is shocked and d...


S7 E22 ● 1994-May-15
Picard receives a disturbing message from renegade Ferengi Daimon Bok, whose son Picard killed in battle years before. Bok says he plans to avenge that death by killing Picard's son, Jason Vigo. Picar...


S7 E23 ● 1994-May-22
Mysterious malfunctions in the Enterprise computer systems lead the crew to the holodeck, where passengers on the Orient Express hold the only clues. Meanwhile, strange devices are appearing on...

Preemptive Strike

S7 E24 ● 1994-May-29
Ro Laren's "homecoming" is interrupted when Federation ships from the renegade group the Maquis attack a Cardassian vessel near the Demilitarized Zone. The Cardassians, led by Gul Evek, are angered by...

All Good Things...

S7 E25 ● 1994-Jun-05
A bewildered Captain Picard finds himself moving back and forth through time. One minute he's aboard the Enterprise, the next, he's twenty-five years in the future, working on his vineyard in F...