Star Trek: The Next Generation


Episode Number71 (3.23)
Production Number171
Original Airdate14-May-1990
StoryPeter S. Beagle
TeleplayMarc Cushman & Jake Jacobs
DirectorLes Landau
Ambassador Sarek departs the Enterprise

Sarek, the venerable Vulcan ambassador, joins the Enterprise for his final diplomatic task at age 202 to establish ties with the Legarans, but he is uncharacteristically moody. Meanwhile, mysterious outbreaks of violence plague the Enterprise.

Guest Cast

Mark Lenard (Ambassador Sarek)
Joanna Miles (Perrin)
William Denis (Ki Mendrossen)
Rocco Sisto (Sakkath)
Colm Meaney (Lt. Miles O'Brien)
John H. Francis (Science Ensign)

  • Sarek is Mr. Spock's father. Perrin is Sarek's second (human) wife.
  • Sarek suffers from Bendii Syndrome, which causes elderly Vulcans over the age of 200 to lose emotional control. Sarek mind-melds with Picard to share Picard's mental control in order to complete the negotiations. The negotiations are to take place on the Enterprise in orbit around Legara IV.
  • Sarek and Perrin will return in the 5th season episode "Unification, Part I".
  • During the "Mozart Concert," the second piece was actually by Brahms, the Andante in D-minor movement of Brahm's "Sextet #1 in B-flat Major" with four players performing a six piece. (The first piece was Mozart's "String Quartet No. 19 in C Major (The Dissonant)".)
  • Dr. Crusher slaps Welsey really hard. (Awesome!) There is also a huge "bar brawl" in Ten Forward, started by O'Brien.