Star Trek: The Next Generation Episode Guide

Season 1

Encounter At Farpoint

S1 E1 ● 1987-Sep-28
The U.S.S. Enterprise heads to Deneb IV to investigate the Farpoint Station mystery, but is intercepted by Q, who places them on trial for the crimes of humanity.

Encounter At Farpoint, Part II

S1 E2 ● 1987-Sep-28
A large ship arrives at the Deneb IV and begins firing on the city. The Farpoint Station is found to be a large, captured space creature capable of taking on any form. The Enterprise releases i...

The Naked Now

S1 E3 ● 1987-Oct-05
While investigating a distress signal from the U.S.S. Tsiolkovsky, the crew is affected by the same "intoxicating" contaminant as the old Enterprise, the PSI 2000 Virus.

Code of Honor

S1 E4 ● 1987-Oct-12
A plague on Styris IV sends the Enterprise to Ligon II, the only known source of a vaccine. Yar is kidnapped by alien leader Lutan and is challenged to fight to the death by his mate, Yareena.

The Last Outpost

S1 E5 ● 1987-Oct-19
A Ferengi vessel and the Enterprise are caught in an energy-draining force field. Meanwhile, the away teams of the Enterprise and Ferengi starship must pass an important inquisition by a...

Where No One Has Gone Before

S1 E6 ● 1987-Oct-26
Starfleet engineer Lt. Kosinski and his alien assistant throw the Enterprise 2,700,000 light years to a bizarre galaxy where thoughts become reality.

Lonely Among Us

S1 E7 ● 1987-Nov-02
An energy cloud-being affects the Enterprise and causes Captain Picard to leave the Enterprise.


S1 E8 ● 1987-Nov-09
Wesley Crusher is sentenced to death for a minor infraction on a recreation planet in the Rubicun system. Picard must negotiate with the Edo for Wesley's life without violating the Federation's Prime ...

The Battle

S1 E9 ● 1987-Nov-16
Ferengi Daimon Bok attempts revenge for an old battle on Picard with a mind-altering machine. While in command of the U.S.S. Stargazer, Captain Picard destroyed a Ferengi vessel commanded by Bo...

Hide And Q

S1 E10 ● 1987-Nov-23
Commander Riker is given the power of Q. Can he resist using it?


S1 E11 ● 1987-Nov-30
Counselor Troi faces a pre-arranged marriage to Wyatt Miller on planet Haven as a Tarellian ship carrying a deadly plague arrives.

The Big Goodbye

S1 E12 ● 1988-Jan-11
The Captain, Data, and Dr. Crusher are trapped in the holodeck in a 1941 San Francisco Dixon Hill program due to a computer malfunction.


S1 E13 ● 1988-Jan-16
Data's evil twin brother, Lore, is found on Data's home planet of Omicron Theta. Lore attempts to deliver the Enterprise crew to the Crystalline Entity, which killed all life on their planet.

Angel One

S1 E14 ● 1988-Jan-23
The crew tries to rescue members of a damaged Federation freighter from the female-dominated planet Angel I they escaped to 7 years ago, but they wish to remain — even though they are fugitives from ...


S1 E15 ● 1988-Feb-01
While docked at Starbase 74 for minor repairs and computer upgrades, the Bynars hijack the evacuated Enterprise to save their own computer-based planet, Bynas. Picard and Riker are trapped in t...

Too Short a Season

S1 E16 ● 1988-Feb-08
Terminally-ill Admiral Mark Jameson takes a youth drug to fight terrorists who have taken hostages on Mordan IV.

When The Bough Breaks

S1 E17 ● 1988-Feb-15
The sterile inhabitants of cloaked planet Aldea kidnap Enterprise children, including Wesley Crusher, to repopulate their culture.

Home Soil

S1 E18 ● 1988-Feb-22
On Velera III, a lifeless planet being terraformed by the Federation, an inorganic life form is found and is endangering the Enterprise crew.

Coming of Age

S1 E19 ● 1988-Mar-12
While Wesley competes for a Starfleet Academy opening on Relva VII, Captain Picard is investigated by Starfleet Admiral Quinn and Lt. Cmdr. Remmick from the Office of the Inspector General.

Heart of Glory

S1 E20 ● 1988-Mar-21
Starfleet sends the Enterprise to investigate reports of a battle in the Neutral Zone. After the crew rescues two Klingon fugitives on a stranded Talarian vessel, their plot to take over the

The Arsenal of Freedom

S1 E21 ● 1988-Apr-11
While investigating the disappearance of the U.S.S. Drake, the Enterprise and crew fight a sequence of machines on Minos, a computerized weapons planet.


S1 E22 ● 1988-Apr-18
The Enterprise is caught in the middle when two alien worlds wage a bitter battle over a shipment of felicium, a narcotic drug grown only on Brekka, which is a "cure" for the "plague" on Ornara...

Skin of Evil

S1 E23 ● 1988-Apr-25
When Troi's shuttle crashes on the planet Vagra II, a sadistic alien named Armus with great power blocks her rescue, kills Lt. Yar and threatens to kill Riker and Troi.

We'll Always Have Paris

S1 E24 ● 1988-May-02
The Enterprise receives a distress call from science outpost Vandor IV. While Data works to repair the time rift caused by Dr. Manheim's experiment, Picard is reunited with his old flame, Jenic...


S1 E25 ● 1988-May-09
Parasitic beings are taking control of Starfleet leaders in order to take over the Federation.

The Neutral Zone

S1 E26 ● 1988-May-16
Three 20th century humans are found cryogenically frozen and are revived as the Enterprise heads to investigate the Romulan's sudden appearance in the Neutral Zone.