Star Trek: The Next Generation

“Who Watches the Watchers?”

Episode Number52 (3.04)
Production Number152
Original Airdate16-Oct-1989
TeleplayRichard Manning and Hans Beimler
DirectorRobert Wiemer
The Mintakans give Picard a tapestry as a gift

The Enterprise races to Mintaka III to aid a Federation anthropology team tudying the native primitive proto-Vulcan humanoids. When the lab's holo-generator fails, the Away Team is exposed to one of the Mintakans, who believes that Picard is a god. He must convince them he is not in order to avoid returning them to their primitive beliefs in "overseers."

Guest Cast

Kathryn Leigh Scott (Nuria)
Ray Wise (Liko)
James Greene (Dr. Barron)
Pamela Segall (Oji)
John McLiam (Fento)
James McIntire (Hali)
Mary Warren (Dr. Lois Hall)

  • The Federation anthropolgy team was studying the Mintakans in a duck-blind mission.
  • Exterior scenes on Mintaka III were filmed at Vasquez Rocks, near Los Angeles.
  • Dr. Crusher uses Dr. Pulaski's memory wipe technique on Liko, but it does not work on Mintakan physiology. (Dr. Pulaski used the technique in the episode "Pen Pals".)
  • The tapestry that the Mintakans give Picard can later be seen on his chair in his Ready Room throughout the rest of the series and in the motion pictures.