Star Trek: The Next Generation

“Tin Man”

Episode Number68 (3.20)
Production Number168
Original Airdate23-Apr-1990
TeleplayRobert Bischoff & David Putman Bailey
DirectorRobert Scheerer
Tin Man (Gomtuu) in orbit around Beta Stromgren

The Enterprise is assigned to contact a newly discovered lifeform, code-named "Tin Man," with the aid of Tam Elbrun, a Betazoid first contact specialist, before two Romulan ships destroy it.

Guest Cast

Harry Groener (Tam Elbrun)
Michael Cavanaugh (Captain Robert DeSoto)
Colm Meaney (Lieutenant O'Brien)
Peter Vogt (Romulan Commander)

  • Tin Man's name is Gomtuu in its native form; it is a space-borne organism that can function as a starship.
  • On one of Tam Elbrun's previous first contact missions on Ghorushda, 47 Starfleet officers were killed. Riker knew several of the officers and holds Tam Elbrun directly responsible for their deaths.
  • Starbase 123 detected two D'Deridex-class cruisers en route to Beta Stromgren. This is the class of Romulan Warbird that was first seen in "The Neutral Zone".
  • A Betazoid's empathic/telepathic abilities usually develop during adolescence. Occasionally, if they are present at birth, it can cause emotional trauma growing up because they hear other's thoughts simultaneously and are unable to cope, as in Tam Elbrun's case. Most Betazoids with this problem can never lead normal lives, due to pain and stress. Like the other Betazoids we have seen (Deanna and Lwaxana), Tam Elbrun's irises are black, like his pupils.
  • Counselor Troi helped care for Tam Elbrun while studying psychology at the University of Betazed.
  • Commander Riker was Captain DeSoto's first officer before transferring to the Enterprise.