Star Trek: Enterprise Episode Guide

Season 4

Storm Front

S4 E1 ● 2004-Oct-08
Archer and the Enterprise find themselves in Earth's past, with events of World War II altered by the Temporal Cold War, in which the Nazis have invaded the United States aided by sinister alie...

Storm Front, Part II

S4 E2 ● 2004-Oct-15
With Silik's help, Archer hones in on the temporal operative who altered Earth's past and threatens to destroy all of time.


S4 E3 ● 2004-Oct-22
Once the Enterprise finally returns to Earth, the weary crewmen face repercussions of their journeys, both positive and negative.


S4 E4 ● 2004-Oct-29
When genetic supermen left over from the Eugenics Wars hijack a Klingon ship, Archer must rely on their creator, the criminal Dr. Arik Soong, to help hunt them down. Upon reaching the volatile Borderl...

Cold Station 12

S4 E5 ● 2004-Nov-05
Arik Soong leads his band of Augments to a medical facility where hundreds of genetically enhanced embryos are still stored, intending to retrieve them and bring them to life.

The Augments

S4 E6 ● 2004-Nov-12
In defiance of their "father," Arik Soong's Augments devise a heinous plot against the Klingons which will surely lead to interstellar war.

The Forge

S4 E7 ● 2004-Nov-19
Earth's embassy on Vulcan is bombed, and the ensuing investigation puts Archer and T'Pol on the trail of a Vulcan religious faction hiding in a treacherous desert.


S4 E8 ● 2004-Nov-26
Archer and T'Pol encounter the Syrrannites, a radical group hiding in the Vulcan desert, while the Enterprise crew contends with Vulcan power ploys.


S4 E9 ● 2004-Dec-03
Archer, T'Pol and T'Pau attempt to bring the Kir'Shara — an artifact believed to contain Surak's original writings — to the Vulcan capital, as the Enterprise gets involved in a Vulcan-Andoria...


S4 E10 ● 2005-Jan-07
The crew welcomes aboard Emory Erickson, the inventor of the transporter device, set to conduct a series of experiments to test a radical upgrade to the technology. However, once Enterprise rea...

Observer Effect

S4 E11 ● 2005-Jan-14
After Hoshi and Trip contract a deadly virus while exploring a planet, two ghostly aliens possess the bodies of various Enterprise crew members to observe humanity's reaction to imminent traged...

Babel One

S4 E12 ● 2005-Jan-28
Ordered to transport a delegation of argumentative Tellarites to a peace conference with the blue-skinned Andorians, Archer and the crew find themselves drawn into a confusing, dangerous situation whe...


S4 E13 ● 2005-Feb-04
Trapped aboard a mysterious drone ship that's been terrorizing the region, Trip and Malcolm work to outwit the Romulans, who are piloting the vessel via remote control, in order to save their own live...

The Aenar

S4 E14 ● 2005-Feb-11
Archer visits Shran's icy homeworld to find an Andorian subspecies called the Aenar, to determine their connection to the marauder destroying ships in the region.


S4 E15 ● 2005-Feb-18
While Enterprise visits Earth for the launch of Columbia NX-02, Dr. Phlox is kidnapped by a band of Klingons who are desperate to find a cure for a genetically-engineered virus that thre...


S4 E16 ● 2005-Feb-25
With the help of Captain Hernandez, Trip and the newly-launched starship Columbia, Archer pursues the kidnapped Phlox deep into Klingon territory, as Phlox decides to cooperate with finding a c...


S4 E17 ● 2005-Apr-15
After Archer forges a deal with the Orions, the trader presents the captain with a gift — three alluring Orion women who proceed to seduce all the men on board except, mysteriously, Trip.

In a Mirror, Darkly

S4 E18 ● 2005-Apr-22
In an alternate universe, an amoral, imperialistic version of the Enterprise crew, led by Captain Forrest with Archer as his treacherous first officer, makes an astonishing discovery during a m...

In a Mirror, Darkly, Part II

S4 E19 ● 2005-Apr-29
After using the Defiant to repel a Tholian attack, the power-hungry Archer and Enterprise crew set about using this advanced ship to seize control of all of Earth's Terran Empire. As Arc...


S4 E20 ● 2005-May-06
On Earth for a historic Starfleet conference to ratify the Coalition of Planets, Archer and the crew uncover a plot by a radical xenophobic group of humans called Terra Prime, led by Paxton, who want ...

Terra Prime

S4 E21 ● 2005-May-13
In the first steps towards the foundation of the Federation, Captain Archer and the crew must stop Paxton, a well-armed, radical human isolationist leader, who is threatening to destroy Starfleet Comm...

These Are The Voyages...

S4 E22 ● 2005-May-13
Six years in the future, an emotional Captain Archer and the crew return to Earth to face the decommissioning of Enterprise and signing of the Federation charter, ratifying the newly-formed all...