Star Trek: Enterprise

“The Aenar”

Episode Number90 (4.14)
Production Number90
Original Airdate11-Feb-2005
StoryManny Coto
TeleplayAndré Bormanis
DirectorMike Vejar
Jhamel agrees to use the telepresence device

Archer visits Shran's icy homeworld to find an Andorian subspecies called the Aenar, to determine their connection to the marauder destroying ships in the region.

Guest Cast

Jeffrey Combs (Commander Shran)
Alexandra Lydon (Jhamel)
Brian Thompson (Admiral Valdore)
Geno Silva (Senator Vrax)
Alicia Adams (Lissan)
J. Michael Flynn (Nijil)
Scott Allen Rinker (Gareb)

  • Part 3 of 3.
  • Trip's feelings for T'Pol seem to be overwhelming him. In the end, Trip requests a transfer to the Columbia. Archer agrees.
  • This is the first visit to the icy world of Andoria, a small planet which orbits a large, ringed gas giant. Andorian cities are built underground to take advantage of geo-thermal energy. During a "heat-wave," the surface temperature may be above freezing for several weeks. When Archer and Shran beam down, it is 28 degrees below 0 — the middle of summer.
  • The Aenar (pronounced "EE-nar") are an Andorian subspecies. Very few Andorians have seen an Aenar. They are blind, ice-dwelling, non-violent isolationists who live in the northern wastes. They have pale, white skin, but are otherwise similar in appearance to the blue-skinned Andorians. They are highly telepathic, but do not believe in reading other's thoughts without permission.
  • Jhamel agrees to help Archer and Shran to save her brother Gareb. Jhamel convinces Gareb to stop the attack, but Valdore kills Gareb.