Star Trek: Enterprise


Episode Number96 (4.20)
Production Number96
Original Airdate06-May-2005
TeleplayManny Coto
DirectorLeVar Burton
The crew attends the Coalition conference

On Earth for a historic Starfleet conference to ratify the Coalition of Planets, Archer and the crew uncover a plot by a radical xenophobic group of humans called Terra Prime, led by Paxton, who want to put an end to the increasing number and influence of aliens on Earth. Meanwhile, although T'Pol contends she has never been pregnant, she and Trip learn that Terra Prime has information about their child. Later, a female reporter from Travis' past pursues him for a story.

Guest Cast

Peter Weller (John Frederick Paxton)
Harry Groener (Minister Nathan Samuels)
Eric Pierpoint (Harris)
Peter Mensah (Daniel Greaves)
Patrick Fischler (Dr. Mercer)
Adam Clark (Josiah)
Steven Rankin (Colonel Green)
Johanna Watts (Gannet Brooks)
Tom Bergeron (Coridan Ambassador)
Christine Romeo (Susan Khouri)

  • Part 1 of 2.
  • The Coridanites seen here are quite different in appearance from their previous feature in the episode "Shadows of P'Jem".
  • Harry Groener previously appeared as Tam Elbrun in the TNG episode "Tin Man".
  • Colonel Green, seen in video footage here, was originally introduced in the Original Series episode "The Savage Curtain".