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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Moxi DVR 4.1 Upgrade Rocks!

I received the Moxi DVR 4.1 software upgrade this week from Charter. There are so many improvements. First of all, performance is noticably faster. Navigating the menus is faster, scrolling is faster, response time is faster, searching is faster. There are also a lot of small UI improvements, like subtle fading in and out, a better font, and the info banner kind of bounces when it appears or disappears. It's flashy and functional at the same time. You can also attach an external hard drive to one of the USB 2 ports in the back and expand your storage.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

TiVo Publisher for Windows Home Server!

Since TiVo Desktop doesn't work quite right with Windows Home Server, I dug into the TiVo HMO SDK and built my own Windows service that runs on WHS.

It is working very well and I will likely release a beta to my site this week. The videos portion of the code needs a little more work, but it does work.

The screenshot shows the Console tab and the Settings window.

The software is available to download on my new software blog software.

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