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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Moving Day

Today we helped Cindy pack and move a bunch of her stuff from her "luxury" apartment to her new house. We moved a lot of boxes of stuff and almost all of the small furniture items. She still has the big furniture to move with a truck or movers or something. She has a ton of stuff to put away, but she's almost all moved into her new home. I am so happy and excited for her

Friday, February 09, 2007

Treo 750

I got a new phone, a Palm Treo 750 PDA phone with Windows Mobile. It's an awesome phone. It's comfortable to use and I love the QWERTY keyboard for text messaging and e-mails. It's definitely a lot more "high tech" than my previous phone, the Motorola ROKR. With 3G speed, it browses the web at a nice rate. Once Palm releases the HSDPA update it'll be even faster.

I ended up buying it from a dealer on eBay. I got it for a better deal than Cingular, and didn't have to get a 2 year contract upgrade.

It works and syncs very well with Vista and the new Windows Mobile Device Center, but I did have trouble initially with syncing. When first syncing, I kept getting an "ActiveSync problem occurred on the desktop" error. Unchecking all of the sync options allowed it to sync without errors. I then checked each one and synced until I figured out that it was a problem with Tasks. I apparently have a bad task in my Outlook, or there's some kind of sync bug between WMDC and Outlook 2007. Anyways, it's all working great now. The contacts even transfer the pictures I have assigned in Outlook 2007 to the smartphone and are used in the caller ID and for speed dialing.