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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Apple TV Fun

So I got an Apple TV for my birthday.

I got it for an awesome price. I found the last one in the clearance rack at a Sam's Club. They were selling it for $179. I took the card to a register and paid and went to the customer service desk to pick it up. They couldn't find it. They called someone over from electronics and they looked and couldn't find it. So he said they'd sell me the floor model and the customer service manager said she'd sell it to me for $125. (HELL YEAH!) So then he couldn't find the floor model. I must have been there for at least a half hour. They apologized over and over and then started to give me a refund when another CSR came back from break and said "We used to have a ton of these." She opened the cage and moved a box and there it was. The last one. They ended up giving it to me for the $125 price for my trouble.

After hooking it up to my TV via HDMI and connecting it to the Ethernet switch in my entertainment center, I got it up and running. I have it synced to my Mac Mini, which has some movies and TV shows on it. It also is syncing my photos from iPhoto (the photos are actually stored on my Windows Home Server box).

It came with Software 1.0 and had to download a software update to version 2.

Viewing photos and videos on it is an absolutely amazing experience. It is so much nicer than the TiVo Series2 I currently have conected to the TV for home media. (I watch and record TV with the Moxi DVR provided by Charter.) Even the TV shows purchased from iTunes look good. Not as good as real 720p files, of course, but still much better than they look over the TiVo.

You can watch YouTube videos on it as well. As you can imagine, they look like ass.

I've rented a couple of high-def movies on it from the iTunes store. Apple says that with a broadband connection you should be able to start watching movies within a couple of minutes. That is such a joke. Apple apparently needs to beef up their servers. It takes HOURS before you can start watching a movie. They really need to fix that. My movie renting is spontaneous and I want it to start now not in 7 hours. But once you are able to watch it, the picture quality is pretty amazing.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Happy Birthday to Me.

I am old.