Star Trek: The Next Generation


Episode Number173 (7.21)
Production Number273
Original Airdate08-May-1994
StoryMark Kalbfeld
TeleplayRené Echevarria
DirectorJonathan West
Worf discovers K'mtar's identity

Worf is excited that his son Alexander has reached the age for the First Rite of Ascension, a ceremony in which a young Klingon declares his intention to become a warrior. However, he is shocked and disappointed to learn that Alexander has no intention of becoming a warrior. At the festival of Kot'baval, they are attacked by three Klingon assailants. A strange Klingon appears and after a brief struggle, the remaining assailants flee. The stranger calls himself K'mtar, a close friend of Worf's family who has been sent to protect them. Markings on a dagger left at the scene indicate that the would-be assassins were sent by the sisters of Duras.

Guest Cast

Brian Bonsall (Alexander Rozhenko)
James Sloyan (K'mtar)
Gwynyth Walsh (B'Etor)
Barbara March (Lursa)
Armin Shimerman (Quark)
Joel Swetow (Gorta)
Colin Mitchell (Yog)

  • This episode (and the DS9 episode "Past Prologue") set up Lursa and B'Etor's appearance in Star Trek: Generations.
  • Deep Space Nine's Quark makes a guest appearance via the viewscreen.
  • K'mtar reveals that he is Alexander, and has come from the future. K'mtar explains that he grew up to be a diplomat instead of a warrior, and Worf was murdered 40 years later. He decided to transport back in time and either change Alexander's ways or kill him.
  • This is the last time we see Alexander until the DS9 6th season episode "Sons and Daughters", where he appears as a teenager. Worf apparently sends Alexander back to Earth to live with his grandparents sometime between this episode and Star Trek: Generations.