Star Trek: The Next Generation


Episode Number158 (7.06)
Production Number258
Original Airdate25-Oct-1993
TeleplayBrannon Braga
DirectorPatrick Stewart
''Hold very still...''

As the crew works to repair a newly installed warp core, Data's dream program begins to produce strange nightmares that dangerously affect his behavior.

Guest Cast

Gina Ravarra (Ensign Tyler)
Bernard Kates (Dr. Sigmund Freud)
Clyde Kusatsu (Admiral Nakamura)
David L. Crowley (Workman)
Joyce Robinson (Ensign Gates)

  • Data began dreaming in the episode "Birthright, Part I". He states that he has had 111 dreams to date.
  • In Data's dreams, Worf eats a piece of Deanna Troi Cake, which is a Cellular Peptide cake (with mint frosting). Dr. Crusher also appears drinking from a straw sticking out of Commander Riker's head.
  • Data stabbed Troi with the coil brace to kill the "mouth" on her shoulder.
  • Admiral Nakamura has invited Picard to the annual Admiral's Banquet on Starbase 219. Picard has managed to avoid it for the past six years.
  • The crew installed a new warp core obtained from Starbase 84 along with a new plasma conduit, which was infested with interphasic parasites, who attached to the crew to drain their cellular peptides.
  • Data is excited to begin weekly counseling sessions with Troi.