Star Trek: The Next Generation


Episode Number160 (7.08)
Production Number260
Original Airdate08-Nov-1993
TeleplayNicholas Sagan
DirectorJonathan Frakes
Crusher and Picard make a run for the border

Picard and Beverly prepare to look into a diplomatic request from the Kes, one of the planet Kesprytt's two societies, who wants entrance into the Federation. They end up in a Prytt prison cell, where they realize they both have strange electronic devices implanted in their necks. They escape and make their way to the Kes border and realize that the implants in their necks allow them to read each other's thoughts — whether they want to or not.

Guest Cast

Robin Gammell (Ambassador Mauric)
Lenore Kasdorf (Security Minister Lorin)
J.C. Stevens (Kes Aide)

  • Picard and Crusher finally realize their feelings for each other. After all these years, they decide to remain friends.
  • The implant devices are designed to extract information from their minds.
  • Picard notes that every member of the Federation was admitted as a unified world. Kesprytt III, 75% of which is controlled by the Kes, would be the first planet to not meet this criterion.
  • The Kes have not had formal contact with the Prytt in over a century.
  • According to Dr. Crusher, the United Earth government was established in 2150.
  • LeVar Burton (Geordi La Forge) does not appear in this episode.