Star Trek: The Next Generation


Episode Number162 (7.10)
Production Number262
Original Airdate22-Nov-1993
StoryDan Koeppel
TeleplayDan Koeppel and René Echevarria
DirectorRobert Scheerer
Data says goodbye to his mother, Juliana Tainer

The Enterprise travels to the planet Atrea IV in order to avert an impending natural disaster. Husband-and-wife scientists Pran and Juliana Tainer explain that Atrea's molten core is solidifying, a condition that will eventually render their planet uninhabitable. After the meeting, Juliana approaches Data with some surprising news — she was once married to Dr. Soong and is, in effect, his mother.

Guest Cast

Fionnula Flanagan (Dr. Juliana Tainer)
William Lithgow (Dr. Pran Tainer)
Brent Spiner (Dr. Noonien Soong)

  • Juliana wrote Data's modesty subroutine to prevent him from running around naked. She also insisted on Soong installing creative subroutines to replace the missing emotions. She was also excited when Data was to meet with Deanna Troi; they were uncertain if his sexual subroutines would work. (Data is obviously meeting her for his weekly therapy session).
  • Juliana tells Data that Soong created three androids before Lore, but they failed. (B-4 from Star Trek: Nemesis could be one of these.) She was afraid that Data would turn out like Lore and made Soong leave him behind when they fled Omicron Theta, a decision which she regretted all her life.
  • Juliana is revealed to be an android. She was created by Dr. Soong after his wife, the human Juliana, was mortally wounded in the Crystalline Entity attack on Omicron Theta.
  • Brent Spiner also appears as the holographic Dr. Noonien Soong.
  • Fionnula Flanagan also played Enina Tandro in the DS9 episode "Dax".