Star Trek: The Next Generation

“Eye of the Beholder”

Episode Number170 (7.18)
Production Number270
Original Airdate28-Feb-1994
StoryRené Echevarria
TeleplayBrannon Braga
DirectorCliff Bole
Worf stops Deanna from jumping

The crew is stunned by the suicide of Lieutenant Kwan, who jumps into the plasma stream by his work station in Nacelle Control. Picard assigns Troi and Worf to investigate. Troi experiences an empathic flashback involving the crew members at the time the Enterprise was built at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards.

Guest Cast

Tim Lounibos (Lt. [j.g.] Daniel L. Kwan)
Mark Rolston (Lt. [j.g.] Walter J. Pierce)
Nancy Harewood (Lt. [j.g.] Nara)
Johanna McCloy (Ensign Maddy Calloway)
Nora Leonhardt (Ensign Marla E. Finn)
Dugan Savoye (Lt. William Hodges)

  • In Troi's empathic flashback, she and Worf become lovers. When Troi finds Worf and Calloway kissing, she kills Worf with a phaser and then runs to Nacelle Control to throw herself into the plasma stream.
  • We get to see the inside of a warp nacelle tube in this episode.
  • Starfleet gives the Enterprise permission to break the warp 5 speed limit in this episode. (See the episode "Force of Nature".)
  • Mark Rolston also played Private Drake in the movie Aliens.
  • Utopia Planitia on Mars is Starfleet's starship development facility.
  • Nora Leonhardt (Ensign Marla E. Finn) is Marina Sirtis's stand-in.