Star Trek: Voyager Episode Guide

Season 6

Equinox, Part II

S6 E1 ● 1999-Sep-22
Voyager is attacked by the aliens, and as Janeway plots to recapture Captain Ransom and his crew, the Equinox is equally determined to escape with the Doctor and Seven of Nine as hostage

Survival Instinct

S6 E2 ● 1999-Sep-29
While Voyager is docked at an Markonian outpost, Seven of Nine is stalked by three renegade Borg drones who want to learn from her how to terminate their neural links and become individuals aga

Barge of the Dead

S6 E3 ● 1999-Sep-29
Torres confronts a dark side of her Klingon ancestry when she asks a skeptical Janeway to allow doctors to induce a coma-like experience that will allow her to aid her condemned mother who is held abo

Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy

S6 E4 ● 1999-Oct-06
The Doctor's colorful daydreams are intercepted by covert alien raiders, who glean enough information about Voyager to launch an attack.


S6 E5 ● 1999-Oct-20
Tom Paris becomes obsessed with a mysterious alien space shuttle with a sexy female persona, which convinces him to cannibalize Voyager's parts. Alice takes control of Paris' synaptic functions


S6 E6 ● 1999-Nov-03
Janeway and a Keset agent rush to uncover why a mysterious energy force is causing Tuvok's Vulcan physiology to endure severe neurological trauma in the form of mental distress and emotional unpredict

Dragon's Teeth

S6 E7 ● 1999-Nov-10
Voyager runs afoul of hostiles when the ship becomes enmeshed in a subspace corridor, leading to an encounter with the Vaadwaur, vengeful survivors of a devastated world who plot to hijack the

One Small Step

S6 E8 ● 1999-Nov-17
Voyager encounters a 300-year-old U.S. spacecraft from the first manned mission to Mars that is trapped inside a massive ball of energy.

The Voyager Conspiracy

S6 E9 ● 1999-Nov-24
When Voyager encounters an alien whose space "catapult" can speed them back home, a data-overloaded Seven of Nine causes chaos when she divides the crew with secret allegations of treachery and


S6 E10 ● 1999-Dec-01
On Earth, Lt. Barclay becomes obsessed with contacting the Starship Voyager. During his project to contact Voyager, Barclay becomes consumed with his holographic recreations of the Vo

Fair Haven

S6 E11 ● 2000-Jan-12
As a radioactive storm approaches, Captain Janeway is distracted by a ruggedly handsome holograph named Michael, who resides in the holographic Irish village Fair Haven.

Blink of an Eye

S6 E12 ● 2000-Jan-19
Captain Janeway and the crew orbit a primitive planet which begins to evolve at an astonishing rate, leveling its new-found weaponry at Voyager.


S6 E13 ● 2000-Jan-26
After hearing music for the first time, a superior race, the Qomar, become enthralled by the Doctor's singing voice. The success goes to his head and he resigns his commission and prepares to leave th


S6 E14 ● 2000-Feb-02
Captain Janeway worries about crew members who are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorders after they return from an expedition. Soon, additional crew members begin remembering participating in


S6 E15 ● 2000-Feb-09
With Janeway away, the crew is granted shore leave on the Norcadian homeworld, where they are stunned to find Seven of Nine participating in a local bloodsport called Tsunkatse.


S6 E16 ● 2000-Feb-16
The capture of the Delta Flyer by a Borg cube leads Janeway into tense negotiations for the release of Voyager hostages taken by a group of semi-assimilated Borg youngsters.

Spirit Folk

S6 E17 ● 2000-Feb-23
A return to the hologram village of Fair Haven alarms the superstitious locals when a glitch in the computer allows them to observe the crew's ability to alter their world at will.

Ashes To Ashes

S6 E18 ● 2000-Mar-01
A transmission from a rogue alien ship reveals dead starship crew member Ensign Ballard to be alive, asking for immediate sanctuary aboard Voyager and an old friendship becomes a love affair wh

Child's Play

S6 E19 ● 2000-Mar-08
Voyager locates the Brunali and the parents of Icheb. An implacable Seven of Nine seeks to safeguard the life of Icheb, even as his parents prepare to send him on a suicide mission.

Good Shepherd

S6 E20 ● 2000-Mar-15
When Captain Janeway accompanies three under-performing crew members on a mission, they fall victim to an alien attack and must work together to survive.

Live Fast and Prosper

S6 E21 ● 2000-Apr-19
The crew hunts for a trio of scam artists who have assumed the identities of Janeway, Chakotay and Tuvok in order to con their unsuspecting victims out of valuable supplies until the Doctor dupes them


S6 E22 ● 2000-Apr-26
B'Elanna becomes an unwilling muse when the Delta Flyer crashes on a warring planet, inspiring a playwright to turn her Voyager experiences into an anti-war parable.


S6 E23 ● 2000-May-03
Former crewman Kes returns to exact revenge on Captain Janeway and the crew, betraying the ship to the Vidiians, alien life forms that will absorb the crew's internal organs.

Life Line

S6 E24 ● 2000-May-10
Lt. Barclay's data transmitter opens a communications link from Earth to Voyager, whereupon the Doctor is used to find a cure for his dying creator.

The Haunting of Deck Twelve

S6 E25 ● 2000-May-17
Neelix tells the ship's children a ghost story about an electromagnetic life force that holds Voyager hostage while trying to communicate with Janeway.

Unimatrix Zero, Part I

S6 E26 ● 2000-May-24
Captain Janeway and Seven of Nine seek to undermine the Borg Queen's authority when a dream fantasy spawned by the drones threatens the Collective.