Star Trek: The Next Generation

“Unification, Part II”

Episode Number108 (5.08)
Production Number207
Original Airdate11-Nov-1991
StoryRick Berman & Michael Piller
TeleplayJeri Taylor
DirectorLes Landau
Sela's plan is foiled by Spock, Picard and Data

After locating Spock on Romulus and discovering his plans for unifying the Romulans and the Vulcans, Picard and Data uncover a covert Romulan plot that does not call for unification — but for invasion.

Guest Cast

Leonard Nimoy (Ambassador Spock)
Denise Crosby (Commander Sela)
Malachi Throne (Senator Pardek)
Stephen D. Root (Captain K'Vada)

  • This episode was dedicated to Gene Roddenberry, 1921-1991.
  • Romulan Commander Sela was last seen in "Redemption, Part II".
  • Sarek dies, and Picard offers Spock an opportunity to feel his thoughts in a Vulcan mind meld.
  • To accommodate Leonard Nimoy's schedule, Part II was filmed before Part I as the bulk of his appearance is in Part II.
  • The Romulans obtained the Vulcan ship T'Pau, and two others, to serve as their "peace envoy" — but they were actually carrying Romulan troops. After the invasion force is uncovered, a Romulan warbird destroys the ships — and the troops.
  • Spock stays on Romulus to continue working with the underground movement. A Romulan senator will defect in the 6th season episode "Face of the Enemy".