Star Trek: The Next Generation

“Unification, Part I”

Episode Number107 (5.07)
Production Number208
Original Airdate04-Nov-1991
StoryRick Berman & Michael Piller
TeleplayJeri Taylor
DirectorLes Landau
Data and Picard travel to Romulus to find Spock

Disguised as Romulans, Picard and Data travel to Romulus to investigate the unauthorized mission of the Federation's most famous ambassador, Mr. Spock. Meanwhile, Riker and the Enterprise track the components of a Vulcan ship stolen by a Ferengi.

Guest Cast

Leonard Nimoy (Ambassador Spock)
Mark Lenard (Ambassador Sarek)
Joanna Miles (Perrin)
Stephen D. Root (Captain K'Vada)
Graham Jarvis (Quartermaster Klim Dokachin)
Malachi Throne (Senator Pardek)
Norman Large (Proconsul Neral)
Karen Hensel (Admiral Brackett)
Erick Avari (B'ljik)
Daniel Robuck (Romulan #1)
Mimi Cozzens (Romulan Soup Woman)

  • This episode was dedicated to Gene Roddenberry, 1921-1991.
  • Picard visits Sarek to ask him about Spock. Sarek dies soon after. Picard met (and mind-melded with) Sarek in the 3rd season episode "Sarek".
  • This two-parter tied in nicely with the premier of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.
  • Klim Dokachin is a Zakdorn, the same race as strategist Kolrami in "Peak Performance". He is the Quartermaster of Surplus Depot Zed-1-5 at Qualor II.
  • The components were from the Vulcan ship T'Pau NSP-17938, which was sent to Depot Z15 on Stardate 41344.
  • Spock only appears at the very end of the episode, just before the "To be continued..."