Star Trek: Enterprise

“Dear Doctor”

Episode Number13 (1.13)
Production Number13
Original Airdate23-Jan-2002
TeleplayMaria Jacquemetton & André Jacquemetton
DirectorJames A. Contner
Dr. Phlox and Crewman Cutler

Dr. Phlox faces a serious dilemma as a dying race begs for help from Enterprise.

Guest Cast

Kellie Waymire (Crewman Elizabeth Cutler)
David A. Kimball (Esaak)
Chris Rydell (Alien Astronaut)
Karl Wiedergott (Larr)
Alex Nevil (Menk Man)

  • The planet Valakis is the homeworld of both the Valakians and the lesser-evolved Menk. The Menk are immune to the plague, which is a genetic disease that will wipe the Valakians out within 200 years. The Valakians treat the Menk almost as pets. While the Valakians are dying, Menk evolution is beginning to flourish. Phlox creates a cure for the disease, but does not want to interfere with the planet's natural evolution. Archer's first response is to give them the cure, but reconsiders.
  • Phlox has been corresponding with a friend, a human named Dr. Lucas. Phlox will be reunited with Lucas in the 4th season episode "Cold Station 12".
  • Crewman Cutler (introduced in "Strange New World") has a crush on Phlox.
  • Hoshi has been learning Denobulan. She and Phlox speak Denobulan (subtitled) during dinner.
  • Phlox has three wives, who also have two other husbands each. Denobulans require little sleep, but they have a six day hibernation cycle once a year.