Fagmalion Part One: Gay It Forward

Dating... it's, uh, a little new for me.
"Dating... it's, uh, a little new for me."
Title “Fagmalion Part One: Gay It Forward”
Episode # 5.13 (105)
Season # 5
Original Airdate 16-Jan-2003
Writers Tracy Poust & Jon Kinnally
Producers Jeff Greenstein & Jhoni Marchinko and James Burrows
Director James Burrows

Plot Synopsis

When Karen sets Will up with her hot cousin Barry, Will finds a geeky guy with a scraggly beard and greasy hair... and he just came out. Meanwhile, Grace is puzzled over what to make of her strange bohemian neighbor when she moves into Leo's Brooklyn digs.


  • Eric McCormack (Will Truman)
  • Debra Messing (Grace Adler)
  • Sean Hayes (Jack McFarland)
  • Megan Mullally (Karen Walker)

Guest Cast

  • Dan Futterman (Barry)
  • Rosanna Arquette (Julie)
  • Niko Heidt (Waitress)


  • Part 1 of 4.
  • The title of this episode arc is a reference to the George Bernard Shaw play "Pygmalion," in which snobby Professor Henry Higgins teaches lower-class Eliza Doolittle to be a lady. (The movie My Fair Lady is based on this play.)
  • The subtitle of this episode is a play off the movie title Pay It Forward, used by Jack.




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Airdates & Ratings

01/16/20039:00 PM10.6/17%#12
05/29/20039:00 PM07.9/13%#06