Star Trek: The Next Generation

“New Ground”

Episode Number110 (5.10)
Production Number210
Original Airdate11-Nov-1991
StorySara Charno & Stuart Charno
TeleplayGrant Rosenberg
DirectorRobert Sheerer
Worf teaches Alexander the value of honor

On the eve of testing the Soliton Wave, a historic new drive system, Worf receives an unexpected visit from his foster mother, Helena Rozhenko, and his son Alexander. To Worf's surprise, his mother tells him that he must take custody of his son for the boy's own good.

Guest Cast

Georgia Brown (Helena Rozhenko)
Brian Bonsall (Alexander Rozhenko)
Richard McGonagle (Dr. Ja'Dar)
Jennifer Edwards (Miss Kyle)
Sheila Franklin (Ensign Felton)

  • Alexander was introduced in the 4th season episode "Reunion". He'll remain on the Enterprise for the remainder of the series. When Alexander's behavior becomes a problem, Worf decides to ship him to a Klingon school. Counselor Troi convinces him to let Alexander stay.
  • Alexander's birthday is the 43rd day of Maktag, Stardate 43205 (calendar year 2366), which would make him two years old. Klingon children apparently develop much faster than human children.
  • The Soliton moves the ship at warp speeds without a warp engine.
  • The Enterprise is carrying two endangered gilvos, previously seen in "The Most Toys", where Fajo claims to have the only surviving gilvo. (According to Miss Kyle, the gilvos on the Enterprise are among the 14 left.)
  • Worf's statue of Kahless and Morath was first seen in the Original Star Trek episode "The Savage Curtain." Worf has the same statue, except that the brothers now have ridges on their foreheads.
  • Though uncredited, staff writer Ronald D. Moore made significant contributions to the teleplay.
  • Brian Bonsall also played Andy, the Keaton's youngest child in the sitcom "Family Ties."