Sisko, Captain Benjamin

Ben Sisko
Avery Brooks
FULL NAME:Benjamin Lafayette Sisko
PREVIOUS ASSIGNMENT:Commanding Officer, Deep Space 9
PLACE OF BIRTH:2332, New Orleans, North America, Earth
He married Jennifer in 2353, just after graduating from Starfleet Academy. He has one son, Jake Sisko, born in 2355. His wife Jennifer was killed at the Battle of Wolf 359 with the Borg. He has one sister, Judith. His father, Joseph Sisko, is still alive and running his creole restaurant in New Orleans on Earth. Ben enjoys baseball, history, cooking, archaeology, and collecting ancient African artifacts.

In 2369, following the Cardassian withdrawal from the Bajoran Sector, Sisko was promoted to Commander and assigned as commanding officer of Deep Space 9. The old Cardassian station formerly named Terok Nor, built during the Occupation of Bajor, was transferred to Bajoran control and the Bajoran Provisional Government requested Federation aid in running the station. Kai Opaka told Sisko that he was the Emissary of the Prophets, the religious leader promised by the prophets as the one who would save Bajor by finding the Celestial Temple of the Prophets, which he did in 2369 with the discovery of the Bajoran Wormhole in the Denorios Belt in the Bajoran System. The station was then moved from orbit around Bajor to the mouth of the wormhole, which connects the Alpha and Gamma Quadrants.

In 2371, Sisko built an ancient Bajoran solar-sail vessel and piloted it to Cardassia, proving that the Bajorans did the same 800 years prior. In 2373, Sisko had a vision that predicted the destruction of Bajor if they were admitted to the Federation. The Bajoran Council of Ministers delayed Federation admission.

Captain Sisko thinks of Bajor as his home. He bought land there and he hopes to one day build a home there. In 2375, he married Kassidy Yates and she soon became pregnant.

After defeating Gul Dukat and trapping him in the Fire Caves of Bajor with the Pagh-Wraiths, he joined the Prophets in the Celestial Temple, leaving behind Jake and Kasidy on the station.
2350-2353 Attended Starfleet Academy.
2351 Field Study on Starbase 131.
2354 Posted to U.S.S. Livingston NCC-34099, Ensign.
23?? Promoted to Lieutenant.
23?? Posted to Executive Officer of U.S.S. Okinawa, Promoted to Lt. Commander.
2365 Posted to Executive Officer of U.S.S. Saratoga NCC-31911, Lt. Commander.
2367 The Saratoga was destroyed at the Battle of Wolf 359 by the Borg.
2367 Posted to Utopia Plantia Fleet Yards on Mars, orbital habitat design team, Defiant-class design team.
2369 Promoted to Commander.
2369 Posted to Deep Space 9 following Cardassian withdrawal from Bajor. With the help of Lt. Dax, discovered the Bajoran Wormhole in the Denorios Belt.
2371 Assigned the prototype U.S.S. Defiant NX-74205.
2371 Accidentally transported back to the 2024 Bell Riots. Helped to restore the timeline by impersonating Gabriel Bell.
2371 Built an ancient Bajoran solar-sail vessel and piloted it to Cardassia.
2371 Promoted to Captain.
2372 Temporarily made acting chief of Starfleet Security on Earth. Exposed Admiral Leyton trying to take military control of the Earth.
2373 Participated in covert mission to expose Klingon leader as a changeling.
2374 Commanded U.S.S. Defiant during Starfleet/Klingon Task Force against the Dominion.
2374 Commanded a successful covert mission to destroy a Cardassian/Dominion Ketracel White depot.
2374 Promoted to Adjuctant for Admiral Ross at Starbase 375, Federation Task Force Tactical Operations.
2374 Received Christopher Pike Medal of Valor.
2375 Took a temporary leave of absence after the death of Jadzia Dax.
2375 Resumed duty as Commanding officer of Deep Space Nine.
2375 Sisko traps Gul Dukat in the Fire Caves of Bajor with the Pagh-Wraiths.
2375 MIA