Star Trek: The Next Generation

“Second Chances”

Episode Number150 (6.24)
Production Number250
Original Airdate25-May-1993
StoryMichael Medlock
TeleplayRené Echevarria
DirectorLeVar Burton
Lt. Riker is reunited with Deanna Troi

During a visit to a former mission site on Nervala IV, Commander Riker encounters his double, the result of a transporter mishap, and learns that the man is still in love with Deanna.

Guest Cast

Jonathan Frakes (Lt. W. Thomas Riker)
Dr. Mae Jemison (Transporter Chief Lt. Palmer)

  • Riker was a Lieutenant on the U.S.S. Potemkin NCC-18253 during the Nervala IV rescue. He was commended for exceptional valor and promoted to Lieutenant Commander.
  • The last time Lieutenant Riker saw Deanna Troi was at the Janaran Falls on Betazed. They were supposed to meet on Risa six weeks later.
  • Lieutenant Riker decides to go by their middle name, Thomas, and transfers to the U.S.S. Gandhi. He will appear again in the DS9 episode "Defiant".
  • This episode marks LeVar Burton's directorial debut.
  • Shuttle astronaut Mae Jemison was the first African-American woman in space. She has a brief cameo as Chief Palmer.