Star Trek: The Next Generation


Episode Number145 (6.19)
Production Number245
Original Airdate05-Apr-1993
TeleplayRonald Wilkerson & Jean Louise Matthias
DirectorRobert Wiemer
Picard meets Lt. Cmdr. Nella Daren

Picard falls in love with Lt. Cmdr. Nella Daren, the new chief of the ship's Stellar Sciences department, and learns the consequences of such a relationship when he must send her on a dangerous mission on Bersallis III.

Guest Cast

Wendy Hughes (Lt. Cmdr. Nella Daren)
R. Cox (Lieutenant Marques)

  • Lt. Cmdr. Daren came aboard the Enterprise at Starbase 218.
  • Data, Daren, and Ensign Chaney play a concert in Ten Forward.
  • Picard shares his experience from "Inner Light" with Nella to let her know what his music means to him and the two play duets, with Nella accompanying Picard on a portable piano.
  • The crew reacts differently to Picard and Daren's romance: Deanna is happy for Picard and gives her blessing; Beverly seems jealous; and Riker feels Daren is asking for special treatment because she's the Captain's girlfriend.
  • 8 crew members in the perimeter team died. After realizing that they can't work on the same ship, Daren applies for a transfer.
  • The fourth intersect of Jefferies Tube 25 is the most acoustically perfect spot on the ship.