Star Trek: The Next Generation

“Time's Arrow, Part I”

Episode Number126 (5.26)
Production Number226
Original Airdate08-Jun-1992
StoryJoe Menosky
TeleplayJoe Menosky and Michael Piller
DirectorLes Landau
Guinan and Data find Clemens eavesdropping

After an unusual archaeological discovery on Earth that gives evidence of aliens visiting Earth in the 19th century, Data is accidentally sent back to San Francisco in 1893 where he meets a suspicious Samuel Clemens and a younger (by 500 years) Guinan. Meanwhile, on the Enterprise, Guinan convinces Captain Picard that he must lead the away mission to rescue Data.

Guest Cast

Whoopi Goldberg (Guinan)
Jerry Hardin (Samuel L. Clemens)
Michael Aron (Jack, the Bellboy)
Barry Kivel (the Doorman)
Ken Thorley (the Seaman)
Sheldon Peters Wolfchild (Joe Falling Hawk)
Jack Murdock (Begger)
Marc Alaimo (Frederick La Rouque)
Milt Tarver (the Scientist)
Michael Hungerford (Roughneck)

  • The triolic waves in the caverns on Earth trace the aliens back to Devidia II.
  • Jerry Hardin previously played Aldean leader Radue, who kidnapped Enterprise children in "When The Bough Breaks".
  • Marc Alaimo later went on to play Gul Dukat on Deep Space Nine. He also played Romulan Commander Tebok in "The Neutral Zone" and Cardassian Gul Macet in "The Wounded".
  • Ken Thorley played the Bolian barber Mot in "Ensign Ro".
  • The unusual discovery on Earth is Data's head!
  • To be continued....