Star Trek: The Next Generation

“The Next Phase”

Episode Number124 (5.24)
Production Number224
Original Airdate01-Jun-1992
TeleplayRonald D. Moore
DirectorDavid Carson
Ro and La Forge are relieved to be solid to each other

The Enterprise responds to a Romulan science vessel's distress signal. The crew believes that Geordi and Ro have died when they vanish during transport, but they are actually still aboard the Enterprise. The Romulan accident "phased" them into a cloaked state where no one can see them and they can pass through matter.

Guest Cast

Michelle Forbes (Ensign Ro Laren)
Thomas Kopache (Mirok)
Susanna Thompson (Varel)
Shelby Leverington (Chief Brossmer)
Brian Cousins (Parem)
Kenneth Messerole (Ensign McDowell)

  • No stardate is verbally given, but stardate 45892.4 shows on Dr. Crusher's screen while filling out Ro's death certificate.
  • Ro and Geordi leave chroniton particle trails when they pass through matter, which Data and Brossmer erradicate with anyon particles. A high-intensity beam of anyons finally uncloaks Ro and Geordi.
  • Troi only appears on the bridge in the beginning and does not speak.
  • The Bajoran word for spirits is boryhas. The Bajorans have a two-hour death chant ritual.