Star Trek: The Next Generation


Episode Number45 (2.19)
Production Number145
Original Airdate19-Jun-1989
TeleplayTerry Devereaux (Tracy Tormé)
DirectorWinrich Kolbe
Lwaxana Troi enjoys a quiet dinner with Picard

En route to a Federation conference on Pacifica, the crew picks up two delegates from the planet Antede III, and gets a surprise visit from Deanna Troi's mother, Lwaxana Troi, who avidly pursues a husband — first Picard, then Riker.

Guest Cast

Diana Muldaur (Dr. Katherine Pulaski)
Majel Barrett (Lwaxana Troi)
Carel Struycken (Mr. Homm)
Rod Arrants (Rex)
Colm Meaney (Chief Miles O'Brien)
Robert Costanza (Slade Bender)
Robert O'Reilly (Scarface)
Rhoda Aldrich (Madeline)
Mick Fleetwood (Antedian Dignitary)
Wren T. Brown (Transport Pilot)

  • Tracy Tormé used a pseudonym for this episode and "The Royale", having since stated that his original scripts for both episodes were rewritten against his wishes. He left the writing staff shortly after.
  • This episode establishes Lwaxana Troi as the Federation Ambassador to Betazed.
  • Picard escapes from Lwaxana in his Dixon Hill Holodeck program.
  • Lwaxana is in the Betazoid "phase," a mid-life female cycle that quadruples a woman's sex drive.
  • Robert O'Reilly later will play Klingon Chancellor Gowron.
  • Mick Fleetwood is drummer (and namesake) of the band Fleetwood Mac.