Star Trek: Enterprise

“Azati Prime”

Episode Number70 (3.18)
Production Number70
Original Airdate03-Mar-2004
StoryRick Berman & Brannon Braga and Manny Coto
TeleplayManny Coto
DirectorAllan Kroeker
The Xindi question Captain Archer

Having located the Xindi super weaspon, Archer sets out on a suicide mission to destroy it. Discovered and captured, Archer is brutally tortured while Enterprise suffers a severely damaging attack.

Guest Cast

Matt Winston (Daniels)
Randy Oglesby (Degra)
Scott MacDonald (Xindi-Reptilian Commander Dolim)
Tucker Smallwood (Xindi-Primate)
Rick Worthy (Xindi-Arboreal Janaar)
Christopher Goodman (Thalen)

  • T'Pol becomes emotionally unstable after Captain Archer departs.
  • Tucker and Mayweather use the shuttle they obtained in "Hatchery" to get detailed scans of the weaspon, which is being finalized in an underwater facility.
  • Daniels brings Archer onto the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-J 400 years into the future to the Battle of Procyon V, where the Federation engaged the Sphere Builders. In this timeline, Xindi as well as Klingons are part of the Federation. Daniels tries to convince Archer not to sacrifice himself in destroying the weapon, since he is necessary for humanity's survival as well as the creation of the Federation.
  • During the battle Nova-class and Prometheus-class starships are seen battling the sphere builder ships, apparently CGI models re-used from Star Trek: Voyager.