Star Trek: Enterprise

“Proving Ground”

Episode Number65 (3.13)
Production Number65
StardateDec. 6, 2153
Original Airdate21-Jan-2004
TeleplayChris Black
DirectorDavid Livingston
T'Pol is suspicious of Shran's motives

After sustaining heavy damage while traversing the Delphic Expanse, an Andorian ship led by Commander Shran arrives to help Enterprise hone in on the Xindi superweapon.

Guest Cast

Jeffrey Combs (Commander Shran)
Molly Brink (Lieutenant Talas)
Randy Oglesby (Degra)
Scott MacDonald (Xindi-Reptilian Commander Dolim)
Tucker Smallwood (Xindi-Primate)
Rick Worthy (Xindi-Arboreal Janaar)
Granville Van Dusen (Andorian General)
Josh Drennen (Thalen, Degra's Assistant)

  • Enterprise and the Imperial Warship Kumari locate the superweapon test site. Due to Gralik's sabotage, the weapon overheats and the test has to be aborted.
  • The Andorian Imperial Guard sent Shran to retrieve the weapon. Shran is hesistant, but complies, under the guise of lending a hand to the humans since their Vulcan allies turned their back on them.
  • Once the Andorians retrieve the weapon, they plot a course back to Andoria. Enterprise arms the weapon and the Andorians are forced to eject it before it explodes.
  • Before leaving the Expanse, Shran secretly transmits an encrypted data stream with detailed scans of the weapon to Enterprise.
  • Phlox does not appear in this episode.