Star Trek: Enterprise

“Chosen Realm”

Episode Number64 (3.12)
Production Number64
Original Airdate14-Jan-2004
TeleplayManny Coto
DirectorRoxann Dawson
Archer shows D'Jamat the result of the Triannon war

After coming to the aid of a crippled alien vessel, Captain Archer brings the ship's crew onboard Enterprise for medical attention. Their leader, D'Jamat explains that the Triannons are a deeply religious people and regard the Delphic Expanse as the "Chosen Realm" and the mysterious spheres are sacred objects created by god-like beings known as the "Makers." The Triannons hijack the Enterprise and plan to use it as a weapon against the enemies of their faith.

Guest Cast

Conor O'Farrell (Pri'Nam D'Jamat)
Vince Grant (Yarrick)
Lindsey Stoddart (Indava)
Tayler Sheridan (Jareb)
David Youse (Nalbis)
Gregory Wagrowski (Ceris)
Matt Huhn (Triannon)
Kim Fitzgerald (Crewman)

  • The Triannons believe that the Makers built the spheres to transform the "chosen realm" into paradise.
  • D'Jamat plans to take Enterprise to the Triannon homeworld to destroy the heretics, who believe that the Makers created the spheres in nine days instead of ten.
  • When Enterprise reaches the planet, they find it has been completely decimated from the war.
  • Hoshi Sato has no speaking lines in this episode.