Star Trek: Enterprise

“Breaking the Ice”

Episode Number8 (1.08)
Production Number8
Original Airdate07-Nov-2001
TeleplayMaria Jacquemetton & André Jacquemetton
DirectorTerry Windell
T'Pol asks Trip for his advice

While the Enterprise crew researches a newly discovered comet, Archer tries to deal diplomatically with a Vulcan ship that is suspiciously observing them and sending encrypted messages to T'Pol.

Guest Cast

William Utay (Captain Vanik)

  • Archer and the crew answer questions from school children on Earth. The ship has a hydroponics bay where they grow fruits and vegetables and their protein resequencers can replicate many types of foods. The biomatter resequencer recycles toilet waste.
  • Phlox comes from the system Denobula Triaxa.
  • The message to T'Pol was a request to return to Vulcan immediately to fulfill her arranged marriage to Koss. She had postponed the marriage to remain on Enterprise. T'Pol will return to Vulcan to face Koss in the 4th season episode "Home".
  • Since Tucker read her message, T'Pol decides to confide in him. Though she initially insists that she is obligated to fulfill her customs, she later chooses to remain on the ship. In the privacy of her quarters, she tries a piece of pecan pie.
  • The Vulcan starship is the Ti'Mur, a Surak-class vessel with a maximum warp factor of 6.5. The ship is also equipped with a tractor beam.