155 Riverside Drive

The 12-story apartment building in Upper West Side Manhattan is home to Will's apartment. Jack currently lives across the hall from Will.


Will's Apartment - Apt. 9C

Will has lived in this rent-controlled apartment for years. It's fairly large with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. It has a large living room with a dining area, a small TV room off to the back and a large kitchen. There is also a private balcony. He previously lived here with his boyfriend Michael. After Michael left, he decided to keep the apartment, but needed a roommate. Jack lived with him very briefly, and then Grace moved in after she left Danny in 1998. In 1999, Grace moved out into her own apartment across the hall, 9A. After Jack and Rosario divorced in 2000, Jack moved back in and he lived there alone while Will was in the Caribbean for 3 months working for Walker, Inc.

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Jack's Apartment - Apt. 9A

Grace moved into Apartment 9A in 1999 after moving out of Will's apartment (directly across the hall). 9A is much smaller than Will's apartment. There is a large living room area and a kitchen, a bathroom and one bedroom. In 2000, someone tried to break in, and the fear drove her over to Will's apartment. With Will, Jack, and Grace living there, someone had to go. Jack then moved into Grace's apartment, which he sublets from her. Will, Karen, and Judith McFarland all pay half of Jack's rent (hmm...).

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Café Jacques'

Jack opened up a little café in the hallway so that he can dine al fresco.

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