Star Trek: The Next Generation

“Birthright, Part II”

Episode Number143 (6.17)
Production Number243
Original Airdate01-Mar-1993
TeleplayRené Echevarria
DirectorDan Curry
Toq and the Klingons leave with Worf

Worf is imprisoned in the Romulan camp on Carraya IV where Klingons and Romulans appear to coexist in peace — a situation he finds unbearable.

Guest Cast

Christine Rose (Gi'ral)
James Cromwell (Jaglom Shrek)
Sterling Macer, Jr. (Toq)
Alan Scarfe (Commander Tokath)
Jennifer Gatti (Ba'el)
Richard Herd (L'Kor)

  • L'Kor tells Worf that his father Mogh is not a prisoner here, but did indeed die in battle at Khitomer.
  • When Worf teaches the young ones the ways of the Klingons, they become restless and eventually leave with Worf. They are said to be the survivors of a crash. Ba'el remains on Carraya.
  • Picard requests the Yridian's flight plan from DS9. The data they receive for the ship (identified as Yridian Shuttle YLT-3069) shows the ship travelling to the Carraya System, to Nequencia Alpha, then Echevarria. It also shows the location of Khitomer, which it incorrectly locates inside the Romulan Star Empire — Khitomer is a Klingon world. (Note that Echevarria is named for the writer, René Echevarria.)
  • Patrick Stewart misspeaks the stardate in Picard's log as "46759.2"