Star Trek: The Next Generation


Episode Number139 (6.13)
Production Number239
Original Airdate01-Feb-1993
StoryJeri Taylor
TeleplayBrannon Braga & Ronald D. Moore
DirectorCliff Bole
Aquiel and Geordi share a tender moment

The Enterprise arrives at remote Communications Relay Station RS-47 near the Federation-Klingon border to drop off supplies. They find the station deserted, but also find evidence of cellular remains of one of the officers. While investigating the murder of Lt. Keith Rocha, Geordi finds himself falling in love with the Starfleet lieutenant who is suspected of the crime.

Guest Cast

Renée Jones (Lt. Aquiel Uhnari)
Wayne Grace (Governor Torak)
Reg E. Cathey (Commander Morag)

  • Lt. Keith Rocha and Lt. [junior grade] Aquiel Uhnari ran the Communications Relay Station RS-47. Rocha was the senior officer on the station. The station amplifies and relays subspace audio-video and text communication signals.
  • Aquiel is Haliian. Her favorite drink was Muskan seed punch. She had a pet on the station, a dog named Maura. Her last posting was on Deriben V. Her commanding officer transferred her to RS-47 because she was argumentative and insubordinate.
  • Geordi speaks several languages as a result of his Starfleet parents moving around a lot when he was growing up, including Aquiel's home language, Haliian.
  • Rocha was killed by a coalescent organism which absorbs other lifeforms and then assumes their identity. The coalescent tried to absorb Aquiel, but she got away and it absorbed her dog Maura.
  • The producers were thinking of making Aquiel a recurring girlfriend for lonely La Forge, but the fans didn't much care for her (or this episode). Renée Jones and LeVar Burton's chemistry seemed a little off.
  • When the away team beams to the station, Dr. Crusher materializes away from the rest of the team for some reason, on a flight of stairs.
  • Aquiel and Rocha (in his personnel photo) wear blue science division uniforms. It seems they would would wear gold operations uniforms, as do La Forge and Data.