Star Trek: The Next Generation


Episode Number131 (6.05)
Production Number231
Original Airdate19-Oct-1992
TeleplayJean Louise Matthias & Ronald Wilkerson
DirectorRobert Wiemer
Riker escapes with Ensign Rager

While mapping the Amagosa Diaspora, La Forge's sensor array experiment goes awry and the crew is subjected to an alien presence that causes crew members, including Commander Riker, to vanish from the ship and return suffering from mysterious ailments. Meanwhile, a mysterious subspace rupture appears in cargo bay 4.

Guest Cast

Lanei Chapman (Ensign Sariel Rager)
Ken Thorley (Mot)
Scott T. Trost (Lt. [j.g.] Shipley)
Angelina Fiordellisi (Kaminer)
Angelo McCabe (Crewman)
John Nelson (Med Tech)

  • Data reads his horrible poetry — "Ode to Spot" — in this episode.
  • The Enterprise is mapping the the Amagosa Diaspora, a dense globular cluster.
  • Data states he was missing for 90 minutes and 17 seconds from 12:54 until 14:26. Data must have been confused.
  • Worf reports that Lt. Edward Hagler's quarters are on Deck 9, Section 17. Dr. Crusher arrives and then orders a plasma fusion unit to Deck 9, Section 19; indeed, his door states that they are in room "09 1947".
  • Beverly gives Riker Picard's Aunt Adele's hot milk toddy recipe to help him sleep. Picard shared the toddy with her in the episode "Cause and Effect".
  • Worf goes to the salon to get a trim. Mot recommends he start using conditioner.