Star Trek: The Next Generation

“The Masterpiece Society”

Episode Number113 (5.13)
Production Number213
Original Airdate10-Feb-1992
StoryJames Kahn and Adam Belanoff
TeleplayAdam Belanoff and Michael Piller
DirectorWinrich Kolbe
Aaron gives Troi and Riker a tour of Genome Colony

After the crew saves a sheltered, genetically engineered society on Moab IV from a stellar core fragment, some of the members seek asylum on the Enterprise, threatening the society's stability.

Guest Cast

John Snyder (Aaron Conor)
Ron Canada (Martin Benbeck)
Dey Young (Hannah Bates)
Sheila Franklin (Ensign Felton)

  • Moab IV is an uninhabitable planet. The Genome Colony is contained within a sealed biosphere.
  • Ron Canada also plays Klingon advocate Ch'Pok in DS9 episode "Rules of Engagement" (which was directed by LeVar Burton).
  • Deanna has a brief affair with Aaron Conor.
  • Geordi comments that it is his VISOR technology that saves the colony, but he wouldn't have been allowed to be born on the colony since he was blind.
  • Geordi and Hannah create a tractor beam that pushes the stellar core fragment slightly off course. Along with modifications to the biosphere, the stellar core fragment passes without causing any damage.
  • After Hannah fakes a breach, Hannah and 22 others leave the colony with the Enterprise.