Star Trek: The Next Generation

“Future Imperfect”

Episode Number82 (4.08)
Production Number182
Original Airdate12-Nov-1990
TeleplayJ. Larry Carroll & David Bennett Carren
DirectorLes Landau
''Ethan'' explains to Riker why he kidnapped him

Riker awakens in sick bay to be told that 16 years have elapsed and he now has a son. Dr. Crusher tells him his memory of those years has been erased by a virus he contracted during an away mission on Alpha Onias III.

Guest Cast

Chris Demetral ("Jean-Luc Riker"/"Ethan")
Andreas Katsulas (Commander Tomalok)
Carolyn McCormick (Minuet Riker)
Patti Yasutake (Nurse [Alyssa Ogawa])
Todd Merrill (Ensign Gleason)
April Grace (Transporter Chief Hubbell)
George O'Hanlon Jr. (Transporter Chief)
Dana Tjowander (Barash)

  • Barash is a lonely, young alien living alone on the planet. His mother left him there to keep him safe from aliens that were hunting their species. She provided him with neural scanners which can read his thoughts and turn them into holograms. Barash leaves with Riker.
  • Riker met the holo-character Minuet, created by the Bynars, in the episode "11001001".
  • In Riker's alternate reality, Riker is captain of the Enterprise, Data is First Officer, and Worf is Ops Manager. Picard has been promoted to admiral, and he and Deanna have positions at Starfleet Command. There is also a Ferengi ensign at Conn.
  • This is the first appearance of Dr. Crusher's recurring nurse, who will later be known as Alyssa Ogawa.