Star Trek: Picard


Episode Number17 (2.07)
Production Number207
Original Airdate14-Apr-2022
TeleplayJane Maggs
DirectorJoe Menendez

Tallinn ventures inside Picard’s subconscious mind to help wake him from a coma and face both his darkest secrets and deepest fears. Seven and Raffi go in search of Jurati whom they fear has succumbed to the monster inside. Rios struggles to hide the truth of who he really is from Teresa.


Patrick Stewart (Admiral Jean-Luc Picard)
Alison Pill (Dr. Agnes Jurati)
Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine)
Michelle Hurd (Commander Raffi Musiker)
Orla Brady (Tallinn)
Santiago Cabrera (Captain Cristóbal Rios)

Guest Cast

James Callis (Maurice Picard)
Madeline Wise (Yvette Picard)
Sol Rodriguez (Dr. Teresa Ramirez)
Ito Aghayere (Guinan)
Jay Karnes (Special Agent Wells)
Ivo Nandi (Officer Leclerc)


Steve Gutierrez (Ricardo)
Dylan Von Halle (Young Jean-Luc Picard)
Marti Matulis (Prisoner)
Oscar Torre (Bartender)
Travis Walck (Jester)
Cyrus Zoghi (Red Bearded Guy)

  • Picard's mind is trapped in a memory searching for his mother in the catacombs underneath the château. He also sees his father as a Starfleet psychologist.
  • Tallinn reveals to Picard she is actually Romulan.
  • Guinan attempts to summon Q, but it does not work. She tells Picard the El-Aurians and the Q Continuum struck a truce after a long cold war. Animosity between Guinan and the Q was first explored in the Next Generation episode "Q Who". (This is also the episode that introduced the Borg.)
  • The FBI have security footage of Picard beaming into Los Angeles. They arrest Picard and Guinan.
  • Rios reveals himself to Teresa. He tells her "I am from Chile… I just work in outer space." Kirk said the same thing about Iowa to Gillian in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.
  • Jay Karnes (Special Agent Wells) previously played Lieutenant Ducane in the Voyager episode "Relativity", which also dealt with repairing timelines.
  • Ivo Nandi (Officer Leclerc) is credited as a guest star, but has no scenes in the aired episode.
  • The uncredited singer in the dive bar is Sunny Ozell, wife of Patrick Stewart.