Star Trek: Enterprise


Episode Number57 (3.05)
Production Number57
Original Airdate08-Oct-2003
StoryJonathan Fernandez & Terry Matalas
TeleplayJonathan Fernandez
DirectorDavid Livingston
T'Pol and Archer search for a way to escape the Seleya

Enterprise picks up a distress call from a Vulcan ship, the Seleya, which T'Pol recognizes as a ship she once served on. The ship is located in a somewhat treacherous asteroid field — the asteroids are moving in a chaotic, unpredictable pattern due to the Expanse's spatial anomalies. When Archer and his away team board the Seleya, they are attacked by insane zombie-like Vulcans. Meanwhile, Tucker and Mayweather land on one of the unstable asteroids to mine Trellium ore.

Guest Cast

Sean McGowan (Corporal Hawkins)
Ian Eyre (Vulcan Zombie #1)
Alex Syverson (Vulcan Zombie #2)
Steve Blalock (Vulcan Zombie #3)
Tom Morga (Vulcan Zombie)

  • The asteroids are rich in Trellium ore. Phlox discovers Trellium-D is a neuro-toxin to the Vulcan nervous system and causes them to lose control of their emotions. Archer has Tucker store it in a biohazard locker until Phlox can create a cure for T'Pol.
  • T'Pol previously served on the Seleya, which entered the Expanse nine months ago. The Vaankara was sent on a rescue mission, as seen in "The Expanse".
  • The Seleya is named for Mount Seleya on planet Vulcan. (Spock was joined with his katra on Mount Seleya in Star Trek III.)