Star Trek: Enterprise


Episode Number49 (2.23)
Production Number49
StardateMar. 1, 2153
Original Airdate07-May-2003
TeleplayMike Sussman & Phyllis Strong
DirectorDavid Livingston
The cybernetic beings board Enterprise

An arctic research team discovers debris from an alien vessel, buried in a glacier along with the bodies of two cybernetically enhanced humanoids.

Guest Cast

Vaughn Armstrong (Admiral Maxwell Forrest)
Jim Fitzpatrick (Commander Williams)
Chris Wynne (Dr. Moninger)
Bonita Friedericy (Rooney)
John Short (Drake)
Adam Harrington (Researcher)
Mark Chadwick (Male Tarkalean)
Nicole Randal (Female Tarkalean)
Paul Scott (Crewman Foster)

  • The teaser and Act 1 feature the A-6 Artic Reaearch Team. The crew doesn't appear until Act 2.
  • The cybernetic humanoids are Borg (obviously) — they are remains from the events of the motion picture Star Trek: First Contact.
  • Phlox is injected with Borg nanoprobes by one of the assimilated Tarkaleans. He ends up bombarding himself with omicron radiation to kill the nanoprobes.
  • The Borg were able to send a subspace message to the Delta Quadrant containing coordinates. It will take 200 years to reach the Delta Quadrant.
  • Bonita Friedericy (Rooney) is John Billingsley's wife.